Art portfolio By: Elijah brooks

My name is Elijah Brooks. I've been basically surrounded by art my entire life but I had never actually pursued anything for myself until this year. My grandpa is a sculptor/designer so I've seen a lot of art pieces from him in the past, including the sculpture on the path which the artist designed with my grandpas guidance on what he wanted it to "communicate" to people. My class from 2nd grade all the way to 5th grade was forced to take an art class, so I had a little experience there, but nothing big. When I moved schools in 6th grade, I took up drawing. I would draw things from video games I play such as 2d bows, guns, and that kind of stuff. When it was time for highschool, I had to choose an elective. Spanish was something that I was NOT going to do, so I chose drawing. The class was a lot of fun and very relaxing because I could just come in and listen to music and draw. I learned a lot more than I had thought I was going to, but it was worth it because I am for sure a better drawer than I used to be.

This is a picture of my blind contour drawing of my hand. Blind contour is when you only look at the thing your drawing, not the paper, and you draw the detailed lines of your image and not focus on the other factors such as value.
This is an upside down drawing that I did. The task for this piece was to turn the image we where drawing upside down, and then draw it upside down. The point of this was to make our brain focus on drawing what is actually sees, and not what it would normally see when you look at the image.
This is my negative and positive space piece. It is the piece I have at the beginning of my portfolio because it is one of my favorites. The positive space is the actual image and the negative space is the background. The line in the side with the white background is a lot more detailed so that the image I was trying to draw actually has value and sticks out to the viewer.
These are my before and after hand drawings. The one on top was done before we had been taught value and positive and negative space. The bottom one was done after, and it is significantly better in my opinion. It shows the shadows and the value of the hand a lot better than the first one, the difference of value between the hand itself and the background also makes the hand appear to "pop" from the paper.
This is my profile piece. I feel like I did a decent job with the hair and showing the different values on my face, but I struggled with the eyes. The picture made it challenging to draw the eyes because there wasn't much eye showing to begin with, and some of it was covered by hair. Overall, if it was shown to someone who knows me, I think they would be able to tell who it is.
This is my stippling piece. With stippling, value is shown through dots. If you want a certain area to appear dark, you would make more dots and put them closer together. If you want an area to appear lighter, you would make less dots and spread them out more. I am very proud of this piece because it was my first time ever attempting something like this and I feel like it came out pretty good.
This is my still life drawing. This drawing felt very foreign and I struggled while drawing it. The part I feel like I did best, was showing the difference in value between the big wheel and the box in the back. The wheel gives the appearance that it is leaning against the box because of the way it is balanced out with the background and smooth texture of the wheel against the rougher texture of the box.
This is my scratch board piece. If I had a little more time, I feel like I could have made this my best piece by far. I spent a lot of time on scratching the feathers and the value around the eye and beak. This piece was a lot of fun to make because it was very satisfying to scratch out the different parts of the eagles face, and then see it all start to come together and actually look like an eagle.
This is my 2 point perspective piece, another one of my favorite pieces. I did a really good job of making sure all the main lines went to the vanishing points to give it the appearance of going back into the paper as if the paper had a Z value, and also making sure that all of the vertical and vertical lines where parallel to give the wall the appearance of being straight throughout its full length.
These are my before and after self portraits. As you can see, the second one is clearly a lot better than the first. The first one didn't even have value, so the second one is a huge improvement on that. Also, the size and placement of everything is a lot more realistic. I actually measured everything out and made sure that it was going to look proportionate to the size of my head. I did a good job with making the nose half way between the mouth and eyes, the mouth halfway between the middle of my face and my chin, and my eyes in the middle of my head.
This is my conceptual art piece. Sadly, I did not finish this one, but it was on the way to being a decent piece. I like the first letter e at the very beginning. The shadows are really nice looking on it and really make it pop from the paper. The other letters where a work in progress, but I like the value of the f's in comparison to the background.

Over all, this class was a lot of fun and I highly enjoyed taking part in it. It did get challenging when we had to draw other people or animals, also the still life was extremely difficult for me. I enjoyed being able to come in and relax and just draw. Even though the outcome of some of my pieces may not have been the best, it was still fun to be able to draw without interruption and actually get things done. Looking back on all my pieces, I would have to say that I improved on value. At the beginning of the school year, I didn't know how to draw value at all. But now not only do I know what value is, I can also show it on my pieces.

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