Unit 1 Civics Review Assessment Part 1


  • Terms list:
  • Social Contract
  • Common Good
  • Political Parties
  • Representative Democracy
  • The Enlightenment
  • John Locke
  • Jean Jacque Rousseau
  • Thomas Hobbes
  • Baron de Montesquieu
  • The Magna Carta
  • The English Bill of Rights
  • Committee
  • Apportionment
  • Gerrymandering
  • Redistricting
  • Expressed, Delegated Powers
  • Implied Powers
  • Inherent Powers
  • Reserved Powers
  • Privileges and Immunities

Content Ideas

  • Create-a-Country
  • Preambles
  • Similarities between U. S. preamble and others?
  • Constitution commonalities
  • How are most constitutions organized?
  • Our Political Beginnings
  • Magna Carta
  • English Bill of Rights
  • Theories of Power: Divine Right, Social Contract

How Bills Become Laws

Create a Country Content


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