Little Liszt Logbook From My piano bench

Dear Readers,

I struggle to finish something once I started it, however with these pages and with people reading it-I hope that I can be inspired to write often and to finish my projects!

My dream is to become a concert pianist and... one of the world's best too! I am 20 years old now and in my lifetime so far, I have gone through a lot of difficulties (as all people have). However, I am making a drastic change now to my usual practicing schedule. I want to practice from 12 to 18 hours a day. All the practice should be effective of course! I believe I know how to practice effectively..but I want to practice more hours. So, I will use these pages to jot down how much I practiced each day. I also have a few projects that I am working on...

And then on this page of course, my practicing of Liszt's 12 books of technical studies as well as my own preparation for concerts and broadening of repertoire!

I hope that you will follow my story and be my accountable partner!


23 April 2017..

So, today I am focusing mostly on my Prokofiev Piano I am busy with the third movement and have practiced around 2 hours on the first part of the third movement..up to Animato...I am going to do anouther 1 and a half hours. I notice that it is really important to love each note and each phrase in order to really encode it into yourself (brain or muscle memory).

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