Birth Control Maria Martinez, lourdes Lopez, Angelys Centeno, Megan Vilaseca

Birth Control

Introductory Statement

Birth control is often used as a means to avoid getting pregnant. Whether it be through an oral pill, an injection, or a surgical procedure, birth control will always be viewed as immoral through the Church’s eyes. Today we will be analyzing the Church's view on birth control, a document that explicitly speaks to birth control, and how we can avoid using birth control.


Statement about birth control form the Church

Church's Preliminary Response

Since the second century, early Church Fathers (including Clement of Alexandria and Augustine of Hippo) have condemned the use of birth control. The first official statement from the Church is in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, stating that birth control is “intrinsically evil.”

Humanae Vitae

One important document that talks about birth control is the Humanae Vitae. It states that people do not have the right to abstain from having kids because they are having money problems, or because they are sick. The humanae Vitae also thinks it's unfruitful and unlawful to be able to regulate the amount of kids one can have. In Humanae Vitae, it is explained that it is God's s wish for everything to continue reproducing and using birth control limits that. There was recently a gathering of leaders of the church to discuss the matters of birth control. During the meeting of the Synod the bishops each got a chance to invite different couples into the meeting and talk to them about how they felt about birth controls. Some Bishops were ready to change the way the church thought about birth controls but other bishops disagreed and beloved that they should keep following what the Humanae Vitae says. The meeting of the Synod happened in October 5, 2014 to October 15, 2014.

Through history birth control has looked down upon by Catholics because they believed it would stop the job we were intended to do by God which was reproduce. Through the years the way the church though changed little. Starting in 2014 in the Synod some bishops would agree with the use of birth control and they wanted to change the view of the church. Many other Bishops though beloved that the belief of birth control should stay the same in the Catholic Church. Another instance the Church has talked about birth control is when Pope Francis was coming back from Mexico he said that in certain cases like the Zika Virus for instance women are able to choose to use birth control with a clear mind. At this point women are able to think birth control as an alternative option if they would like.

Figure 1
Figure 2

In figure one it compares the people that are using contraceptives and people that are not using it. It shows the different aoternative people can't take to make sure not to get pregnant. In figure two shows the effectiveness of the different alternatives people use it compares the effectiveness of what the church would consider right for example the fertility awareness and the no sex. While two other options the church looks down upon which is the condom and pill.


Birth Control is a topic that the church has always looked down upon as early as the second century. The reason was that it went against what God wanted for us. God created us and wanted us to be able to reproduce. Birth control is talked about in the Humanae Vitae which states different facts about what the Church believes. Some possible solutions in the eye of the church for birth control is Natural Family Planning this is when couples plan when it is possible to have sexual intercourse to ensure that the women does not get pregnant. This happens by abstaining from sexual intercourse when the woman is in the fertile stages. Through the years the view on birth control has stayed the same in the church. There are 17% of the people that choose to take birth control and through a one year period it seems to be the most effective method for women.

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