The beauty of the beast Customs, Hotrods and Classics

Photographs by Sian Tyrrell @SianTPhoto

With thanks to all the car owners and enthusiasts who preserve, enhance and outright re-invent these vehicles so that the rest of us can gape in awe and imagine ourselves in the driver's seat.

Rat Rod

A rat rod is simply a blue-collar hot rod.

Rat rods are about heart, history, and having a good time

Steve Thaemert - Rat Rod Magazine

Once designed as working vehicles, the classic pick-up truck now has a cult following that has seen these workaday vehicles transformed into the boldest of fashion statements!

The shine is everything!

Getting the details right is crucial. Whether it's restoring a car to its original condition, or customising it to create something brand new and unique, it's all about the bright-work, wheels, badges and other shiny bits!

The attention to detail on this 1950's Mustang extends to the horse motifs on the leather seats.

A dashboard can be so much more than just a holder for your speedometer and fuel gauge.

For enthusiasts, oil runs in the blood and the compulsion to 'twiddle' in the workshop is as natural as breathing. No effort is too great, no problem insoluble and the reward, whether restoration, renovation or re-invention always justifies the hours spent in chilly workshops.

A crème brûlée torch is pressed into unorthodox service.
Of course, it's ultimately all about the drive!
All images by Sian Tyrrell @siantphoto
Sian Tyrrell is a photographer based in Cranleigh, Surrey, UK
Life is in the details
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Sian Tyrrell


All images Sian Tyrrell Sian T. Photography

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