My rock band Real live

Members of the real live: Mario, he is 14 years old, he like playing guitar and he like singing. Daniel Pedriza: He is 13 years old and he like playing football and he love playing the piano. Aitor: He is 13 years old and his joby is playing football. Paula: She is the only girl in the band and she loves the animals and she likes singing. Daniel Fernandez: He is the person that make the band, he is 15 years old and he love playing the piano.

Daniel Pedriza: At the beggining the group, haven´t coordinate very well because we haven´t had a coordinater. In one concert in a pub we met a Danisuco and we said that he can come to our band and he say that this can be a great idea. Danisuco is the guitarist of the band, but something was missing in the group. One time Mariana the teacher of music helped me with the letters of the songs.

This is our first song : And here is the part of Aitor and my part:

And here is the logo of the band: file:///C:/Users/usuario/Downloads/Logomakr_8MpJfi.png

Daniel Fernández: Four guys best friends decide to do a group of rock. They begin doing a small concert in locals. But the music of our band are very popular and a lot of people call me to do concerts in important places for importants days like: birthdays, etc. We want to be a supers stars of the world of the rock like ours parents.

Here I am going to put the planning of the event that we do: file:///C:/Users/usuario/Documents/Your%20Profile%20-%20Smore.html


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