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How do people get addicted to opioids ?

Opioids change how nerve cells in the brain work because of this opioids can get very addicting to the consumer. There are different ways people get addicted to opioids, and according to research from the national institute, “The nerve cells grow used to having opioids around, so that when they are taken away suddenly, the person can have lots of unpleasant feelings and reactions.”Nerve cells get used to the opioids that when a person stops taking them they have withdrawal symptoms. Unfortunately having these withdrawal symptoms can cause the users to start taking opioids again and by that they might take too much. According to National Survey on Drug Use and Health said, “75% of all opioid misuse starts with people using medication that wasn’t prescribed for them.” If this prescription drug was not prescribed to someone who starts taking this they don’t know how much to take and mistreat this drug and end up taking way more then they are suppose to and it can lead to deaths

what do opioids do to the body ?

Opioids are a painkiller drug. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports, “opioids are chemicals in your brain that attach to tiny parts on cell”. Opioids act on more places than just the brain they act on the limbic system, brain stem,and spinal cord. It depends on the amount of opioids you take. There is so many other effects that opiates cause to your body. According to DrugAbuse.com, “heavy opiate use can cause sedation, it can create a greater sensitivity to pain, and infection can occur due to reduced immune response.” By using opioids you have a greater chance of getting addicted to chemicals.

How many lives have opioids taken?

The opioid crisis has taken many lives already according to the Editorial Board by Washington Post, “52,404 Americans died from the drug overdoses in 2015.” This is more common now and it’s becoming a very serious issue. According to Dr. Adam Rubinstein, President of opioid addiction, these users often underestimate the increased potency of fentanyl and take too much. Many people don’t realize the potential of opioids and misuse these chemicals leading to accidental deaths. Doctor Leana Wen from the Baltimore city health commissioner said, “ I have witnessed a 24 year old mother of two who came to the ER... one day her family found her unresponsive and not breathing... it was too late for us to save her, and she died.”

How has opioids impacted the families of opioids abusers?

Opioids has impacted the children of users and are being left with grandparents. According to republican editorials “The heartbreak of the opioid crisis had produced another role for grandparents who refuse to see their children live in dangerous surroundings or suffer the physical or emotional effects of an opioid household.” This forces grandparents to take the role of parents in way of financial needs and legal responsibilities that change the american home way. Drug abuse can also affect the american family structure by creating an uneasy feeling when trust is broken. Carla Goff a former opioid user said “I started stealing from my family” this shows opioids not only affects the user of this drug but the people around them also.

What’s the plan for decreasing the epidemic on opioids?

Governments are making strict laws to help prevent opioid overdoses. By limiting what doctors prescribe the goal is to reduce access to prescriptions drugs. This is why According to the Washington post “Doctors to become much more careful in the way they distribute these powerful pills.” is a way to make sure that doctors show patients the usage of this drug. Unfortunately sometimes we can’t prevent people from getting opioids but there are methods to help prevent deaths from overdoses. Marie wilson from daily herald said “First responders in Illinois are now are required to carry naloxone, an overdose reversal drug that blocks the receptors in the brain stimulated by opioids and allows users to breathe again.” this reversal drug helps save lives and decrease the epidemic on opioids.


potency: the influence it makes on you, the effect fentanyl: drug that can serve pain just like opioids.

commissioner: someone appointed to a certain role.

naloxone: it can treat overdoses for an emergency's receptors: an organ or cell that responds to senses of the nerve.

stimulated: raised levels in the nervous system in the body.

How do people get addicted to opioids?


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