Skirmish the battling-card game

Opposing armies clash, trying to reduce their opponent’s life points, or steal their top treasures. Create alliances with other armies, or take on all your opponents at once. In the end there can be only one empire remaining.


The objective of Skirmish is simple, defeat your opponent’s army by either taking away all their life points, or stealing their top treasures. Be the last army standing.


  • 1 deck of cards per player
  • pen and pencil to calculate life points (or a simple phone calculator will do)


  1. Take each deck and separate the cards by their suits (hearts not needed, diamonds, clubs, spades) creating 3 decks, your treasure deck(diamonds) , your attack deck(spades), and your defense deck(hearts).
  2. The players then shuffle the treasure, attack, and defense decks and place them face down in front of them with the treasure deck going to the player’s right, and placed sideways to differentiate the treasure deck from the other 2 decks. TREASURE CARDS ARE NOT DRAWN BY THE OWNER OF THAT DECK, ONLY BY THEIR ENEMIES.
  3. Depending on the amount of players, the starting amount of life points varies. 2 players start with 100 life points, 3-4 players with 80 life points , 4+ players start with 60 life points.
  4. Each player needs a pen/pencil and paper to calculate their life points or a calculator.

Jacks are worth 11 points, queens are worth 12, kings are worth 13, and Aces are worth 14


  • During each turn, there is a preparation phase, an action phase, and a cleanup phase
  • The first preparation phase begins by all players drawing a combination 4 cards from their attack and defense decks. They can choose to have 4 attack cards and no defense cards, 3 attack and 1 defense, 2 attack and 2 defense, 1 attack and 3 defense, or no attack and 4 defense.
  • Players then choose two cards of their choosing to represent their army’s stats during the action phase, placing the cards face down in front of them.
  • Players can choose 2 attack cards and 0 defense, 1 attack and 1 defense, or 0 attack and 2 defense.
  • If a player chooses two cards of the same kind, those points stack
  • Once the preparation phase has ended on the count of 3 players then declare who they are attacking
  • After all players have prepared their armies, the remaining cards in the player’s hands are sent to “discard piles” (attack and defense cards have their own discard piles), and the action phase begins
  • Players may only target one army, but may be targeted by multiple armies
  • When two players attack each other, the attacker with the most damage done goes first when taking treasure cards or dealing damage to life points
  • After the action phase all players calculate damage scores .
  • If an attacking player’s “attack points” are lower than their target’s defense points, the attacker loses and the defender is not penalized
  • If an attacking players attack points are higher than the defending card then the attacker may choose to either “rob” a player in which they steal a treasure card from the defender’s treasure deck, or the attacker may choose to inflict the difference between their attack points and the defender’s defense points as damage to the defender’s life points.
  • Upon completion of damage calculations, players then discard their active attack and defense cards onto the appropriate piles.
  • All treasure cards that were taken from other player’s must be placed in front of the new owner’s treasure pile, these may not be robbed by opposing players
  • Once a player loses all face treasure cards, they are eliminated from the game
  • When a player collects the 4 different face treasure cards from other players, he/she automatically wins
  • In the event that all attack or defense cards are used, players must take their discarded cards and shuffle them and bring them back into play
  • If a player chooses to use two cards of the same attribute (attack or defense) then their total stats increase by 3 for that attribute



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