Celebrity Wedding Montana 2014 - Part III

In which Tina and Adam are part of their first (and possibly only) celebrity wedding. Also hiking and a cool, real life ranch.

My best childhood friend Sean married the lovely actress Natalie this summer. They had a wedding at a huge ranch near Holland Lake. The photos show the gorgeous surroundings. Due to the wildfires in Washington, there was a constant pall of smoke and haze.

Scenes from the ranch

We got there the day before the wedding and had the run of this amazing ranch.

More ranch, please.

The day of the wedding, we took a hike around Holland Lake to Holland Falls.

Holland Lake

The falls were very cool, if a little treacherous. Also I was nervous about bears.

AAAAH! Was that a bear?

Oh right! There's supposed to be a wedding. Well, remember all that smoke that was hiding the view? Well Sean and Natalie must know some pretty good FX people about an hour before the ceremony started, the wind changed just right, and...

[angel choir]

It was a wonderful day in a beautiful setting.

Photos ©2014 Adam B. Colby

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Adam Colby

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