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There has always been lots of conflict going on in the Middle East. Starting with the Shia Uprising in 1999 which happened in Iraq. Then we see the Iraq War that went on from 2003-2011. The Shia Insurgency took place in Yemen, Saada, Jizan, and Al Jawf.

The Lebanon Conflict was going on during the Shia Insurgency, in 2008. Shortly after, the Syrian Civil War took place in Damascus, 2011-2017. The Yemeni Crisis went on during the same time as the Syrian Civil War in Yemen. As well as the civil war spillover in Lebanon, clash of West Iran, and the Turkish Coup d'etat Attempt.

In 2014, the Iraqi Insurgency escalated into war, leaving damage all over Iraq.

The most dangerous country in the Middle East today, is Syria. Six years ago, a protest against President Bashar al Assad has become a full-scale civil war that has left more than 300,000 people dead, and devastated the country.


Created with images by M1key.me - "The Little Gun Girl" • eddiecoyote - "opening up graves...." • Al Jazeera English - "Pearl and Peace" • DFID - UK Department for International Development - "A Syrian girl waves from the balcony of an unfinished apartment block in northern Lebanon"

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