CashBack for Communities Annual Report 2018

Investing in Scotland's young people

Phase 4 of CashBack has a stronger focus on helping tackle Scotland’s inequalities – raising the attainment, ambition and aspirations of disadvantaged young people across Scotland

35,542 young people participated

136% of target

45% female participation

increased from 40% in previous period

73% of young people from SIMD deciles 1 & 2

30% in Phase 3 2014-2017

13,760 young people into positive destinations

5,500 young people in Phase 3 2014-2017

6,287 Learning or staying on at school

4,488 Training

2,326 Volunteering

659 Employment

11,290 young people achieving accreditations

21,800 young people in Phase 3 2014-2017

School attendance

Scottish Rugby - 73% stakeholders reported increase in attendance and attainment
Basketball Scotland - 50% schools reported increased attendance
Impact Arts - 63% of young people said attendance improved
Scottish Football Association - 66% of head teachers surveyed indicated that School of Football participants improved their behaviour
Bridges Project - significant increases in attendance, in one case a change from 5% to 95%

23,362 volunteer hours contributed by young people.

30% of young people increased their contribution and improved links within their communities

24,694 young people improved wellbeing

17,059 increased confidence

Most projects identified young people facing mental health challenges from outset
Celtic FC Foundation and Venture Trust – over 50% of young people reported mental health issues from outset
Scottish Rugby – Schools reported 41% improvement in mental health

CashBack for Communities Partners

Action for Children Scotland

Positive Choices Plus provides intensive 1:1 mentoring and group work to young people furthest from the work force and provides follow up support to sustain positive destinations. The project model offers an average of nine months of personalised support, with flexibility for longer-term journeys if required.

59 young people participated

33 young people from top 2 SIMD areas

"Action for Children has helped me become more responsible and has helped me to calm down and think about my future."

Research Scotland Evaluation

"The programme has reached young people with a range of different life challenges and disadvantages. Most young people on the programme were from the 15% most disadvantaged areas in Scotland. Young people also reported having a range of risk factors, including lack of work experience, substance misuse and mental health issues, indicating that they were distant from the job market and employment options."

Research Scotland Evaluation of CashBack

Barnardo's Scotland

Fit for Work through CashBack is an eight-week interactive and bespoke employability programme twice a year in five local authority areas. It provides intensive 1:1 mentoring and group work to those young people furthest from the work force and provides follow up support to sustain positive destinations.

90 young people participated

33 young people from top 2 SIMD areas

“A few years ago thinking about work was really scary because of working with others. Now I feel I could totally do it.”

Fit for Work participant

In one area, young people got involved in a care home as one participant was interested in getting experience of the care industry. This led to some volunteering activity, involving five groups of young people. Young people ran activities such as arts, baking or gardening with the care home residents, helped with painting, and have accompanied them to fundraising activities.

Basketball Scotland

The Schools of Basketball programme embeds the sport of basketball within the curriculum for pupils at risk of disengagement. A new educational theme is delivered based on the concept of ‘leading myself so I can lead others’ developing confidence, communication skills and helps to prepare participants for the future.

156 young people participated

20% young people are from ethnic minorites

10% have a disability or long term illness

"I was never confident or comfortable speaking English in Primary School but School of Basketball has made me very happy. Thanks to the programme I now look forward to coming to school and feel my language skills have improved a lot"

Schools of Basketball participant

"I have developed a lot of new skills, the way the coach has developed me to use a wheelchair means I am more independent, I don’t rely on others so much and I can do things for myself."

Schools of Basketball participant

Bridges Project

Way2Work#CashBack project will deliver four group work programmes annually, each lasting 10 sessions with individual follow up support for up to 18 months and job practice placements. It will provide intensive 1:1 mentoring and group work to those young people furthest from the work force and provide follow up support to sustain positive destinations.

173 young people participated

121 from top 4 SIMD areas

"It’s not the end of the journey, but it is an almighty achievement for 69 Way2Work#CashBack young people to land in a positive destination – jobs, college, training...can all seem unattainable dreams for many programme participants at the start of their journeys with the team."

Blake Stevenson Evaluation

“Many of the stakeholder questionnaires mentioned the positive impact of the programme on young people’s mental health and wellbeing. One stakeholder gave the example that one young person who “suffers from periods of depression and sometimes feels down” was “now opening up to staff and responds well with help and support.” The young people who were interviewed also identified that their general wellbeing had improved through participating in the programme.”

Celtic FC Foundation

Eighteen CashBack Gateway to Employment 10-week courses with 12 young people targeted for each cohort. The course provides intensive 1:1 mentoring and group work to those young people form areas of deprivation who have offended or at risk of offending and will provide follow up support to sustain positive destinations.

76 young people participated

57 young people from top 2 SIMD areas

"Seeing the other community coaches, knowing that they started at the same place as me - it gives you hope, aspirations. That’s my goal - to become a community coach."

CashBack Gateway to Employment participant

“From being in care for a couple of years, now I’m back with my parents. I hadn’t been able to live at home before. There’s no arguing with them or anything now. My life is much more stable. I’m in a routine, I have to get up in the morning for my work. It was like a chain reaction: I went to Celtic, I got a job, I’m in a routine, I’m back living at home. It’s been the best year of my life.”

CashBack Gateway to Employment participant

Creative Scotland (CashBack for Creativity)

The Targeted Fund which supports art organisations to provide disadvantaged young people pathways to increase attainment, positive destinations and develop soft and vocational skills. The Open Fund offers wide reaching opportunities to provide short to medium term projects to disadvantaged young people, with emphasis on positive activity participation and raising community involvement.

3,620 young people participated

59% young people from top 2 SIMD areas

"It definitely takes my mind off things – being creative and doing art is very calming. I get easily frustrated at school by trying really hard and things not working out but here, when people are being freely creative, there’s energy but everyone’s focused in on their ideas”

CashBack for Creativity participant

"Coming here has cleared my head, it makes me feel good about myself. I think positive, you know, it takes away the negative thoughts I have."

Cashback for Creativity participant

Impact Arts

CashBack to the Future delivers a 4-week summer programme of activities, led by inspirational artists which are fun and appealing to young people, in a structured format which supports participants to progress positively, including re-engagement with school. This is followed by 36 weeks of aftercare for each young person.

245 young people participated

132 in top 2 SIMD areas

"It’s the most I have opened up in years. I couldn’t do that at school."

CashBack to the Future participant

"We are learning but it doesn’t feel like learning. It is better than a school environment. You have more freedom."

CashBack to the Future participant

National Autistic Society

Moving Forward with CashBack for Communities is an 8-week work placement and 10-week job search support for young people from areas of deprivation with autism who are furthest from the work force. It also provides follow up support to sustain positive destinations and overcome barriers to employment and intensive 1:1 mentoring and group work, preparation for employment.

61 young people participated

64% from top 2 SIMD areas

"I feel comfortable, not judged, when I come here. It’s good to meet new people and know I’m not alone. I’ve learned a lot about autism, which has been really useful."

Moving Forward participant

"My son’s life has improved greatly by having this support. He has gone from someone who was extremely depressed and didn’t care either about himself or the world about him to participating in a sport, travelling independently and enjoying life. He has recently been discharged from the NHS specialist support which he was receiving, all because of this intervention. I can’t thank Moving Forward with CashBack for Communities enough for giving my son this opportunity."

Parent of Moving Forward participant

Ocean Youth Trust Scotland

The On Course with CashBack project delivers 5-day sailing voyages, which provide opportunities for self-development through the experience of adventure under sail. In working through the voyage syllabus, New Horizons helps young people to build confidence, respect, responsibility, resilience and the ability to work as part of a team.

108 young people participated across 11 Local Authorities

39% of young people were from top 2 SIMD areas

"The best bit for me was getting to know the others well. I also learned new skills, including bosun’s duties. I’d love to come back and train to be a volunteer."

On Course with CashBack participant

"For me, I am amazed at the transformation in the young people. They arrived very quiet and looking anxious but left with heads high and great big smiles and just full of confidence. A parent spoke with me afterwards and commented they thought I had returned the wrong person home as he was normally very quiet and never spoke about things but they could not get him to be quiet the whole weekend after the voyage"

Ocean Youth Trust Scotland worker

Prince's Trust Scotland

The CashBack Development Awards scheme supports young people in overcoming financial barriers to accessing education, training, employment or volunteering opportunities. Awards up to £500 can be accessed and used to help fund a number of costs, including course fees, training, equipment or clothing, travel costs and licences.

955 Awards across 28 Local Authorities

47% were from the top 2 SIMD deciles

"It gave the young people the opportunity to have new experiences and build on their existing skills which in turn gives them confidence. When they are confident about what they are doing there are so many other improvements as a knock on effect."

Prince's Trust worker

"On completion of training, the young people are more focused on their goals as they get a sense that they are achieving and taking positive steps forward. They also build a determination to succeed as we see often during the preparation, training and placement stage, as achievement seems to bring out a better understanding of work ethics required to succeed. Definitely, once they’ve done their training, they start pushing themselves to get to a higher level. They are more determined to make things happen after going on training.”

Prince's Trust worker

Scottish Football Association

Schools of Football is a social and educational programme aimed at supporting young people at risk of exclusion. The Volunteer & Inspire project allows young people to develop coaching and leadership skills. The Inclusive Community project provides bespoke opportunities to take part in sport and integrate with the community.

1,681 young people across 3 programme strands

35% were from top 2 SIMD areas

“I struggled with confidence but School of Football has improved it.”

School of Football participant

“I think the confidence that we have seen from the young people as a result of working with the SFA has been huge. They have begun to make new friends and break down some barriers that were in front of them in regards to football and physical activity”


Scottish Rugby

Running 15 CashBack Schools of Rugby at host secondary schools (and feeder primary schools) to some of the most deprived areas in Scotland. Providing opportunities, building capacity and confidence in disadvantaged young people whilst developing the physical fitness, cognitive skills, physical competencies and personal qualities that allow them to contribute positively to their communities.

2,865 young people participated

53% young people from top 2 SIMD areas

"I have got smarter and fitter and feel more responsible for myself"

School of Rugby participant

"I feel a lot more responsible, in school and out in public. When I’m out with my friends, I’m more aware of the consequences of actions, like on the pitch. I’m less likely to muck about in the street."

School of Rugby participant

Scottish Sports Futures

Funded programmes include Jump2It, a health and citizenship activity in primary schools, Twilight Basketball offering weekly diversionary basketball activity, workshops and educational timeouts. Education through CashBack provides accredited training and is designed to share best practice across sports projects with coaches, youth workers and volunteers.

8,368 young people in the programme

71% of young people were from the top 2 SIMD areas

"I’ve learned how to communicate in the work place and as part of a team. I’ve used these transferable skills which have enabled me to find employment and study at college."

Scottish Sports Future participant

"Despite everything I have been through in my life, I consider myself to be very fortunate. At Twilight Basketball I not only made new friends, I found a group of people who really cared for and supported me when I needed it most. Thanks to them, I have a family and I know I’m not alone."

Twilight Basketball participant

Venture Trust

CashBack Change Cycle programme is a 3 week intensive course combining community outreach support, group mentoring, and skills development. Hands-on vocational training in bike construction is delivered by Bike Station. Work experience outdoors is delivered with aftercare support in the form of 1:1 mentoring and advice.

38 young people engaged over10 Local Authorities

42% of participants had criminal records

"Talking to people face to face every day has helped me to become more confident. I had quite a bit of anxiety, but now I feel… well different. I just do things now."

CashBack Change Cycle participant

"It was really good working with others. I am usually a guy who works on his own, so it was a good experience for me to work with others. Yeah it helped – it feels easier to approach others now."

CashBack Change Cycle participant

The Wise Group

The CashBack Wise Academies programme supports the delivery of the three-week sector based academies linked to employer opportunities. The sectors involved include landscaping, maintenance, hospitality, customer service, care, retail and security. The programme identifies opportunities for young people across these sectors, and co-ordinates approaches to employers and strategic partners.

104 young people engaged in first year of the programme.

77% of young people were from the top 2 SIMD areas

“CashBack was a career changing experience. It provided me with a proper insight into the working world and helped me build my confidence.”

CashBack Wise Academies participant

“Before starting my job I would sleep in, now I need to wake up earlier. This is a big change. Before I started working I was sitting around, now I’m active and out and about.”

CashBack Academies participant

Youth Scotland

Generation CashBack is delivered as part of a partnership consortium consisting of: Youth Scotland, Girlguiding Scotland, Boys’ Brigade and Scouts Scotland. A Scotland-wide delivery will be achieved through proactive support delivered by Local Development Officers to establish new groups, targeted support for existing groups and providing leadership and employability skills in Scotland’s most deprived communities.

3,902 young people participated

78% young people from top 2 SIMD areas

"It's given me a boost of confidence to just go and try other things and not be too scared of whether it’s going to work or not."

Generation CashBack participant

"It’s completely stepped me out of my comfort zone and that’s something that I don’t normally do a lot but it’s really good and I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone because I learn a lot about myself, I can actually do more and gain more confidence from it."

Generation CashBack participant

YouthLink Scotland

The Youth Work Fund aims to build capacity of young people and the youth work organisations through funding activities and operating costs of youth projects up to a maximum of £10,000. YouthLink Scotland also administers the CashBack for Creativity Open Arts Fund and, since 2016, the CashBack Facilities Fund.

13,041 young people engaged in first year of the programme over 32 Local Authority areas

89% of young people were from the top 2 SIMD areas

"I feel I have become more at ease with my identity and also it has helped improve my mental health by getting involved in things to boost my confidence."

Youth Work Fund participant

"I feel like, as a young person, you don’t always get taken seriously by adults. But there’s none of that here - everyone’s heard equally. We’re so involved - everything’s based around us, what we want. We have to work for what we want though, but I think that’s a good thing because it gets us involved. It’s a really nice feeling."

Youth Work Fund participant

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