Underprivileged Athletes No matter what you go through you're not alone

There was a young kid named Mike who was a junior in high school and he had dreams of going to the NBA and helping out his family and get them out the bad neighborhood they currently live in. He went to a very small school outside the city in the suburbs and that school wasn't really big in basketball but known for football. Knowing the fact that he wasn't going to get much attention or recognition, he needs to do the impossible. Mike not only has to stand out in the court every game but also in the classroom so Colleges know he is a student athlete and can take care of business. Sometimes Mike would honestly want to give up on his dreams and let everything go because he wasn't getting the recognition he deserve. But Mike was really religious and always tells himself at night that everything happens for a reason. There was a senior at Mikes high school who got scouted by a big time university in the city, just because he had a big game against the rival school while Mike didn't do well that game. Mike was mad because he worked hard the whole season and was always working on his game while the other kid wouldn't be working as hard as Mike. Mike was heated after the game and for a couple weeks still irritated about it. Mike had a close friend, his name was Daquan and he always kept Mike from giving up and kept telling him he has his back no matter what. Daquan gave him this advice, "Look at all the rising NBA players none of them got the recognition they deserve in the NBA and in high school and they made it , you can too." Next thing you know Mike went to a NBA even though he went to a small time university but broke records and got his mom out the neighborhood into a nice house in the city.

You can relate this to your everyday life not only basketball.

Dear Antwan,

I feel like we get no recognition for the hard work we put every week to get better for the next level in College. I was never part of a big program for basketball our school is really small but that can honestly haunt me or make it better. A lot of people say i cant do it because i go to a small school but that doesn't stop me from proving them wrong it makes me want to work even harder. And i have great friends that push me to be the best i can be and i wont let them or my family down, and especially myself from pursuing my goals.

No matter the negative energy and people remember your bros (best friends).

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