Seadrift An exercISe in photo manipulation

The challenge of a recent Photoshop exercise was to use manipulation tools to create a piece of art from a photo. From my photo library I chose the title photo--a portion of the California coast somewhere around Big Sur-- one I titled Seadrift.

Seadrift served as my beginning point for the "art". I developed a theme of colors and geometric elements and envisioned an end point intended to visually communicate a story or event the photo otherwise would not.

Seadrift 2

Seadrift 2 was the first stop. Far from the desired goal, yet beginning to suggest something is happening, I "liquified" a portion of the ocean and the shore line--the ocean undulates. At the bottom, horizontal color lines suggest movement of the cliff.

Seadrift 3

Sealift 3 adds more movement and an ominous coloration of the sky adds a chapter to the story as larger waves strike the shoreline.

San Andreas 1

San Andreas 1 was the original final chapter of the story. This photo is manipulated to depict the moment of California's final San Andreas earthquake. Critiques and continued pondering of the possible interpretations by viewers, lead to the following, San Andreas 2:

Thank you for following along.

Created By
Roger Hord

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