Investment Banking Joshua Idiart

Who do I want to Work For?

I’m not completely sure who I want to work for, or what I even want to be ‘when I grow up’, but right now I’m really interested in investment banking, & working for a company like Citi Bank.

Why do I want to be one?

One of my really good family friends recently graduated from BYU with a degree in accounting, and was hired by Citi Bank as an Investment Banking Analyst after interning with them his junior and senior year of college. He absolutely loves his job, is living in San Francisco, and making a lot of money. I love business, I have a knack for math, economics and crunching numbers really intrigues me, and the fast-paced lifestyle appeals greatly to me for my future.

What is Citi Bank?

Citi Bank is an internationally known, public bank that deals in standard banking transactions, insurance, credit cards, and investment products.

What is an investment Banking Analyst?

I want to become an Investment Banking Analyst, and then eventually an Associate after that. Starting salaries for analysts with a bachelor’s degree range from $65-100,000 in San Francisco. Analysts make deals and transactions with companies (selling, buying, investing, etc.), pitch to companies to eventually make those transactions, and do a bunch of other, random, administrative stuff along the way.

How do I become one?

While analysts only require a bachelor’s degree, to become an associate, one needs to get an Master's in Business Administration (sometimes paid for by the company they’re working for). Degrees required being an analyst have to do with mathematics, like accounting or economics, but also business management degrees, political science, engineering, or more.

San Francisco, CA


My dream is to live in the San Francisco, Bay Area one day. If not there, I'd be happy to live in any big city on the west coast like Seattle, Portland, or in Southern California. The industry is booming in the Bay Area, and if I'm there, I would have plenty of opportunities within a close distance to capitalize on.

How Do I become an analyst?

To become an investment banking analyst, I will attend a four-year university and get a bachelor's degree in Business Economics, or a similar major. On top of that, I would like to attend college in the Bay Area so that I can participate in summer internships with Citi Bank. Having participated in the 12 week program for undergraduates is vital in the hiring process post-college. If the company feels you've made significant contributions to the team during your internship, your chances of being hired are exponentially increased.

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