Together We Fail or Prevail how fraternities and sororities affect ACADEMICS in clemson university

Regardless of the fraternity or sorority a student might join in Clemson University, that student will have to give up their own time. (Matthew Cains, survey, October 2016) Depending on what they are doing, spending that time can be either very helpful or very hurtful.
Because every fraternity and sorority is different, they all have different requirements for thier members. Although some aren't liked, others ultimately enhance the abilities of its members both socially and academically.
For many, when a fraternity or sorority is mentioned, their mind automatically goes to the thought of a night of partying. For this reason, there are many people who refuse to believe anything positive (academically) could ever come from being part of one.
And to cause them to believe this even more, for many fraternities and sororities nation wide, parties where things such as alcohol is openly available, are mandatory.
Some Greek organizations require their members to do things that better prepare them for their classes and tests. For example, in Clemson, many fraternities and sororities force their members to record hours they spent studying in specific locations.
Some fraternities and sororities even conduct community service operations as their required tasks
The point is, despite peoples opinions, fraternities and sororities can be both helpful and hurtful to a students academic success.
Knowing this, there should be a requirement for all persons involved in a fraternity or sorority in Clemson University that ensures its members are keeping up with their academics.
Regardless of the method used do this, I strongly believe enforcing it will better not only Clemson University as a whole, but the futures of the students that are a part of Greek organizations.
I propose that fraternities and sororities require their members to make a schedule of hours they spend doing homework/studying and present a time sheet at given times to the organization.

This will lead to better grades

Which will lead to a better future for the students

This will change lives, memories, and lead Clemson University to be the best it can be


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