gARTen of eARThly Delights" Fundraiser for the Canton Museum of Art

This is a video of the 2015 Event.

"gARTen of eARThly Delights" is the second annual event put on by the Canton HeART Guild. This year's theme was based around Jheronious Bosch's painting Garden of Earthly Delights.


G.O.R.E.E. African Drum Group from Columbus, OH.

The entertainment or this event was several "vignette" style performances throughout the night. They began with lighter performances and progressed into darker style performances, fulfilling the theme.

I researched potential entertainment options, requested price quotes and presented these options to the heART Guild Auxiliary Committee. Once the entertainment had been voted on, I was charged with hiring each entertainer. This involved creating contracts for each entertainer, as well as insurance forms. The payment information was forwarded to the Finance Director.

Once each entertainer was employed, I created a schedule of the night. I also managed what each entertained would need in terms of preparation space, entertainment space, and "tear down" needs.

10 x 10 Paradise Art Auction

Created a call for submissions to local artists, distributed through an existing email list. Using the Judify system, in conjunction with a panel of judges, selected 20 artists to commission a silent art auction item for the event.

Oversaw the intake of the commissioned artwork. This entailed photographing each piece for museum records and promotional purposes, collecting artist biographies and creating and distributing contracts releasing the piece of art to the museum to be used for fundraising purposes.

Finally, produced promotional packages for each silent auction piece to give to the buyers of the artwork. This included the artists biography, museum promotional material and museum membership information.

Drafted social media posts regarding the artist's biographies to post as part of this event's social media plan.

Example of a social media post used to promote the auction.

Money raised in this sales was put towards educational programming in the museum.

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