Eco-Friendly cleaners Top 5 natural products to clean your house

Have you ever used a cleaning product so potent you had to hold your breath and scrub until you felt like your lungs would burst and then run to another room to gulp down more air before continuing the grind? Yeah, same. Fear not my friends, below is a list of 5 top natural products that will keep your house spick and span and feeling fresh.

1. Vinegar

Infuse vinegar with distilled water and lavender oil to make an unreal multipurpose spray. You can use this sweet smelling mix on your benchtops, table tops and I even wipe my wooden window sills with it to make them look and smell fresh.

I have pushed the boat out recently and added rosemary to the mix and have been using this for my floors. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties in the rosemary make this a more thorough floor cleaner. ​

2. Basil

Basil is an essential in my household so we grow our own to always have it on hand. If you pop some in your fruit bowl it will repel flies, and bring a yummy smell. If you infuse basil with vinegar in the fridge for two weeks you can also get another multipurpose spray out of it!

3. Pennyroyal

Pennyroyal is a great little herb with two very helpful uses. Infuse crushed pennyroyal leaves and olive oil, sit it on your window sill for about two weeks (shaking every few days) and you will come out with an oil that repels ants and fleas. Drain the oil and pop it in a spray bottle to use in all areas of your house for any ant problems and you can spray this on your pets to repel flies and fleas. Dried Pennyroyal leaves work to the same affect if you don’t have two weeks to spare.

4. Clove Oil

Clove Oil is a nifty mould killer for those hard to clean areas of your bathroom or kitchen, and is great for appliances such as your washing machine. Clove Oil is rich with antioxidants and is one of the only antibiotics that can kill and stop the growth of bacteria. I found a great article (click here) about the benefits of Clove Oil for cleaning. I have followed their steps regarding ratios and application process and it has been such a welcomed alternative to the harsh chemicals I would normally use.

5. Bi-carb Soda

This is a pretty common one but daaamn it works! It is great to use for the worst kind of jobs, like cleaning your oven *Mr Burns shudder*. To tackle this task I found a paste recipe here and applied it to my oven. After 20 minutes pass it’s time to come back and wipe it clean and it looks a dream. Bicarb works wonders in the bathroom too! I made this paste I found online (here)and used it on my shower, bathroom sink and toilet and now my bathroom is brighter than a flashlight in the eyes at 3am.

Hopefully this list helps you stick to that ‘live a more sustainable lifestyle’ New Years resolution!

The damage on our environment caused by many household cleaning products is profound. Making the change to natural alternatives is so important for the many ecosystems affected. So spread the word, and if you have any other natural cleaning products you use at home, tell us in the comments!