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Below you'll find the class descriptions for TSOS Richmond. Each session is carefully chosen to create a well-rounded and engaging experience for you!

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Standard Operating Procedures & Process Management for Creative Businesses with Morgan Montgomery

Any business can benefit from creating a more effective and capable workflow, and creative endeavors are no exception! During this talk, we will explore how to identify areas of your creative business that can benefit from process management, how to successfully create, implement and refine standard operating procedures, and how these tools can positively impact your efficiencies, assist you in producing higher quality products and experiences, and directly impact your bottom line.

Cultivating a Cohesive Social Media Presence with Morgan Montgomery

With the ever-changing social media landscape, it can be difficult to maintain a consistent presence across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and beyond. However, combining the powers of these platforms to work together can directly influence your business and its bottom line! This session will focus on understanding how to develop a cohesive social media strategy that maximizes your time and energy, while building on your current knowledge and skills to have a greater ROI across all platforms.

Money Mindsets with Shanna Skidmore

Did Sam Smith say it best, “I don’t have money on my mind… I do it for the love”, or perhaps Gwen Stefani, “Cha-ching, we’re loaded and we’re gonna blow it”? Whether we want to admit it or not, the way we think (or completely avoid thinking) about money has a great impact on the way we run our business. But it doesn’t have too! You see, each of us have a mindset about money and once we identify these preset ways of thinking, we can adjust them as needed to give ourselves a leg up as business owners. Shanna Skidmore, business strategist + financial coach, will talk us through the four money mindsets, how to identity which one you have and how to incorporate positive money talk into our lives. Don’t worry, she’ll do it all with a smile, a hug and maybe a little bit of bubbly!

By Design, Not Default with Shanna Skidmore

I remember that moment he looked at me and said “you have no boundaries”. I was pretty offended at the time, giving a well-meaning and whole-heartedly misguided excuse, “how am I supposed to turn off something I’m passionate about doing?” As business owners, many of us dive into our business of creating with passion, heart and purpose. Sadly, it often doesn’t take long to realize these great intentions can have detrimental effects on our health, marriage and relationships if we don’t learn how to create boundaries. I think we would all agree we didn’t quit the life-sucking, time draining, 9-5 hustle just to create a bigger cycle of burnout, exhaustion and overwhelm! It’s time we stop spinning our wheels and start again! I’m Shanna Skidmore, business strategist + financial coach, during this talk I’ll be sharing my best tips for productivity, time-management and re-designing that life you hoped for as an entrepreneur! Think two month sabbaticals, Fridays off, and time with those you love! It’s possible!

Creating a Valuable Platform with Heart: Opt-Ins, Newsletters, and Converting Clients with Kaitlin Holland

How can you leverage your website, social media, and email list to convert your followers to clients? The key is value. Give potential clients value before they ever book your services or purchase your products. Kaitlin Holland will take you through proven methods in this interactive session so you walk away with a plan to turn those followers into clients!

How to Create a Gorgeous Flat-Lay with Emily Thomas

Just as invitations are a guest's first clue to a wedding's aesthetic, an invitation suite photograph can instantly tell the story of a wedding or shoot in just one image. They can also go terribly wrong! In this session, you'll learn the supplies needed for beautiful flat-lay images, best practices for working with your brides, and flat-lay styling principles that will help you create pleasing compositions.

Setting Goals that Move Us with Reina Pomeroy

Have you ever set a goal at the beginning of the year and you vow that it's going to happen, and three months in, you find that the goal is long forgotten? Do you find yourself with so many cool ideas and you're spending the majority of the year frustrated that there are lots of half-started ideas that never get completed. The best type of goal setting is the kind that works for you. In this lesson, we'll discover what kind of thinker you are and how that predisposes you to a certain type of planning. Ultimately you'll learn how to leverage it and create plans that help you make the impact you want in your life and with your business.

Centerpiece Design with Sweet Root Village

We will walk through the steps of making a garden centerpiece made up of interesting textures and lush blooms. We are complete open books and excited to touch on all kinds of floral related topics, including of course, some of the basics do's-and-don'ts of working with flowers. Thrilled that we get to create and learn together!

Creative Tabletop Styling with Jess Blazejewski

How to turn your table into a true work of art? Style it like an artist! In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn to use composition, color, shape, scale, and texture to bring your table to life. Drawing on her experience as an artist, and as a stylist for Style Me Pretty, Jess Blazejewski will give you the tools to turn your inspiration into a magazine-worthy tablescape. The session will begin with a short demonstration, then students will have the opportunity to style their own designs, ask questions, and get feedback!

Brush Lettering for Beginners with Jessica Peddicord

Jessica will teach basic brushstrokes and foundations of brush calligraphy, and then guide you through practicing a fun letters, words, and phrases. Attendees will walk away with an alphabet guide, brushes, and a love for brush lettering!

Breakout Session One: Micro Changes, Macro Results with Katelyn James

Breakout Session Two: Collaborations with Jamie Kutchman

Breakout Session Three: Marketing Strategy with Lisa Jacobs

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