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this is my name, obviously but is filled in a cool design that I think makes it stand out. this is my overall favorite one (mainly because its my name).

this is one of my first projects that i was actually proud of, its kevin hart but with different colors and filters.

this is obviously a bird but it was for one of my things that fly project. when we made this we had to make it all by scratch.

this is my first ever project in photoshop. it was made by scratch too but i didnt know a lot about photoshop in this one.

this is one that i made about my teachers! and i think it actually looks good.

this is one of my worst ones because i rushed in it but it was still one of my projects.

this is one of my favorite ones because it actually looks like a panda and its all made out of the word "panda"

this is a mixture between elephants and hamsters. i don't know what to call it but i think if i had a little more time i could've done better.

this one is a project i thought was really fun to make and i had to really try hard on it. plus me and my friends are in this one.

this is my cities project and i think it came out nice and was kinda easy to make.

this is my most favorite one, mainly because it was all done by scratch and it turned out really nice.

this is one of my quotes project and i think its pretty nice and the quote is really to see and stands out.

this is ne of my recent ones and its about one of good teachers that i thought were nice, so this is the only emoji of its kind in the world.

this is my most recent one and its a mix between polar express and a random painting f a train.

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