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UX is really an umbrella of a whole host of careers that all focus on the needs and experiences of the users of a product or products. This umbrella is largely centered at the point where people meet technology. Specifically, the most common UX jobscurrently focus on people and their use of things with screens, be it desktop or laptop computer, or mobile devices, or perhaps wearables.

User experience is all about catering the design of a product or service to fit the needs of users.


- User experience research is all about thoroughly understanding who is involved with what you're building, their needs, goals, and the context in which they'll interact with your product, how well you're serving their needs, and, uncovering opportunities to create something that better fits their needs.

Increased productivity + Increased sales and revenues Decreased training and support costs + Reduced development time and costs + Reduced maintenance costs Increased customer satisfaction...


ISO 13407: Human-centred design process + User-centered

There is an international standard that is the basis for many UX/UCD methodologies. This standard (ISO 13407: Human-centred design process) defines a general process for including human-centered (user-centered) activities throughout a development life-cycle, but does not specify exact methods.

In this model, once the need to use a human centered design process has been identified, four activities form the main cycle of work...

Typical UX Methodology

UX Process
  • Include usability tasks in the project plan
  • Assemble a multidisciplinary team to ensure complete expertise
  • Develop usability goals and objectives
  • Conduct field studies
  • Look at competitive products
  • Create user profiles
  • Develop a task analysis
  • Document user scenarios
  • Document user performance requirements
  • Design Phase
  • Begin to brainstorm design concepts and metaphors
  • Develop screen flow and navigation model
  • Do walkthroughs of design concepts
  • Begin design with paper and pencil
  • Create low-fidelity prototypes
  • Conduct usability testing on low-fidelity prototypes
  • Create high-fidelity detailed design
  • Do usability testing again
  • Document standards and guidelines
  • Create a design specification
  • Implementation Phase
  • Do ongoing heuristic evaluations
  • Work closely with delivery team as design is implemented
  • Conduct usability testing as soon as possible
  • Deployment Phase
  • Use surveys to get user feedback
  • Conduct field studies to get info about actual use
  • Check objectives using usability testing
UX professional Job Area
To Sum It Up
  • Research - learning about the people who will use a product and the context in which it will be used.
  • Evaluation - observing (and learning from) users as they work with a product before, during and after the design and development process.
  • Design - whether it is called interface, interaction, information or experience design.

Camera Finder Example

One of the best examples of a rich internet application that's around. And basically, what this application allows you to do that an HTML application probably could never do or never even approach is basically, the application is here so that you can try to find a camera that fits your needs.

Just go ahead and click on that, and what I get is a page full of information about that camera. Now this is an excellent example of a Flash application.And it definitely accomplishes some things that you could probably never accomplish with an HTML based application

And so this is one of the more compelling reasons to use Flash instead of HTML when it comes to say an online catalog, or an online shopping cart, or a reservation system.

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