Peter Pan By Nyaya conrad

You guys all herd of the story of one boy who never grow up (AKA Peter Pan).Well what if their was a secret to this story. What if this young boy who never grow up had a reason. What caused this issue Well that is a lot of question I asked you.And that's where I take place. I am going to tell you the story of boy who actually wanted to be a little boy forever.

On April 28 1997 in London their lived a man named Charlie pan with a lovely wife named Mary pan.Charlie and Mary bother lived in a little cottage in London. But fortunate charlie wife Mary was pregnant. With a baby boy wiched she name peter
But sadly when peter was about 5months old his mother Mary died and it was very heartbroken for Peter and his father.
The years has past for peter and his father.And life's has been hard for them ever since Mary died. Days changed into weeks, weeks changed into months, months changed into years.
When peter was 14 his father had to take him to an orfenaged. peter didn't want to leave his father so he decide to run away.
Until one day peter tried to find his father. But sundently he found him until he sarts to scream and warn him. But his dad couldn't hear him. Until........
Waaaaammmmm. His dad got hit by a car
Peter started to cry and ran off he had no one. No one to worship him no one who can take care of him and even love him.
Until one night while peter was sleeping he saw something with a light
Peter didn't what it was. Until he found out it was a fairy named tinker bell
Tinker bell told Peter about she knew what happened to his family and that his mother sent her to take him to a place called never land wiched is a place that you will never grow up
Peter liked the sound of that and ask tink how he can get to never land tink told Peter that he can just fly by thinking happy thoughts so Peter thought
And then peter flew he started freaking out for a second until he got the hang of it. So peter asked tink where never land was and tink said
Second star to the right and straight on till morning
So peter and tink flew too never land
Until they finally made it their.
And peter was shocked how amazing it was. And then. Da......... da........ daaaaa..........

And that is when it stops so if you you like the story or think Peter pan is cute which I think he is you can watch the movie which is called Peter Pan

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Nya Conrad

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