ASk Yourself, Who's Beside You? Yhtomit Akudam

Do we really know, and do we really care?
Just enough to reach, maybe even enough to see what they are going through

APPEARANCes that we once knew,

are all but smiles which remain untrue,
Simply placed to skew and screw, our fragile view.
Everyone had Scars, Scars come from wounds, wounds from the world around us, wounds gone, but Scars remain.

And With Those Scars Come Stories

Stories lies within these scars, stories that connect us

stories of loss, stories of anger

and disappointment.

Stories of trials long gone , Stories of Recovery on the road to healing

Therefore let appearance be

Open your heart and see what others have failed

SO Put Down The Headphones

And lay down the Phones

Look UP!

Ask Ourselves, Who's Really Beside Us?

Created By
Yhtomit Adukdam


Created with images by pabak sarkar - "bus stop" • _Nini_ - "monument head scar" • WenPhotos - "fist strength anger" • Ben Sutherland - "Ghanaian disappointment" • Foto-Rabe - "bridge long gone loneliness" • Gabi Agu - ""The face we wear"" • josecdimas - "Headphones" • FirmBee - "mobile phone iphone" • yuNsuke - "dumbo pvc figure doll"Google

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