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Shakespeare had so much impact on preforming arts by his education, play writing, and plays that were preformed."The stade was "set" by the language. A whole forest scene was created in one play when a character announced, "well, this is the forest of Arden" (Anderson 779). Commentary: This quote elaborates the importance of the stage, and the language used in the plays. Although Shakespeare was a very talented writer, the actors who preformed the plays have to be equally talented.
"The plays were preformed in the after-noon. Since the stage was open to the sky, there was no need for stage lighting" (Anderson 779) : This quote gives us information about what time of day these plays were preformed, and what time was the best to see the plays Shakespeare wrote.
"Shakespeare's time 'The Planks" (the stage) have undergone various changes." (Anderson 779) : The theaters were a big part of the plays preformed. Not all plays went 100% smoothly. Sometimes, there were things in the plays that went wrong.
"By the end of the 1590s, he had not only earned a reputation as a successful playwright, he had also become somewhat wealthy. In 1597, he purchased one of the largest homes in Stratford, a house called New Place" (Forster 1). : Shakespeare was a brilliant man, even making money with what he produced.
Shakespeare did not have a great deal of education. "Shakespeare never had a formal university education, but his plays reveal a deep understanding of literature, the law, history, and politics" (Forster 1) : Shakespeare never had a proper education, however, he understood things such as politics very well.
"In 1599, he and some other investors became owners of the Globe Theater just outside of London" (Forster 1). : This was a big step for Shakespeare, because the theater is a huge part of the production of a play. Although Shakespeare did not have proper education, he was very successful in his play writing.
"William attended grammar school, where he studied Latin grammar, Latin literature and rhetoric (the uses of language) (Anderson 777). : This quote tells how Shakespeare got interested in writing, and how he got into it. Shakespeare has produced over 35 plays.
"It is important that we understand Shakespeare's theater because it influenced how he wrote his plays" (Anderson 778). : This shows that the theater was equally important because that was what Shakespeare's poems and plays were based on. If the theater is not on point, the play was not on point.
"Romeo and Juliet was probably among the early plays that Shakespeare wrote, between 1594 and 1596. By 1612, when he returned to Stratford to live the life of a prosperous retired gentleman, Shakespeare had written thirty-seven plays, including such masterpieces as Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Othello, King Lear and Macbeth" (Anderson 777). Shakespeare loved what he did, therefore leading to lots of poems, and plays being written. 10,000 to 20,000 people would attend Shakespeare's plays. Getting into a play would coast just a penny.
"He is the most famous writer in the world, but left us no journals or letters-he left us only his poems and his plays" (Anderson 776). : This quote gives background on Shakespeare, and what he was famous for-his plays and poems. Shakespeare was arguably the best play writer in history. The impact he had on the preforming arts community will never be overlooked.

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