Jim CROW One of the worst eras in U.S history....

What was Jim Crow?

It may be interesting to learn that even though the main topic title is a name, that it is not a person. Jim Crow in general, was an era in U.S history after the Civil War where the black citizen was segregated from the whites in every aspect of life because of the idea of white supremacy.

Social and cultural effects in Jim Crow

Jim Crow Etiquette

was a set of rules made by the white community in certain states that segragated the whites and blacks in every aspect of life.

Some of these rules can be found on this textbook


The Klu Klux Klan, or the KKK, was and still is one of the most infamous racist and discriminatory groups in history. Founded in Tennessee in 1866, the groups purpose in the Jim Crow era was to restore white supremacy in the states by lynching and terrorizing black citizens.

The KKK's symbol

Blackface and Minstrel Dances

Some of the ways the whites discriminated and stereotyped the black male was by creating a caricature called "blackface" and also used as the figure for Jim Crow. In the video below, it shows one of these minstrel dances where a white man dressed up as a stereotypical blackface character dances around like an idiot.

Politics & laws in Jim crow

The picture above is the most prominent caricature of Jim Crow and as seen, he is a black, poor man with exaggerated features.

~Jim Crow laws~

Jim Crow laws were pieces of legislation written by state representatives recognized by the government to further increase the serperation of whites and blacks in everyday life.

Some of these laws included:

More can be found from the same website here

Democratic Party

Most of those in favor of white supremacy voted for the Democratic Party. At the time, the Democratic Party promoted that the white working class male be treated much better than the black male because the amount of work the white put in.

Republican Party

The Republican Party was the party that consisted mostly of black politicians that fought for equality in states that need it. As seen in the picture above, the democrats promoted themselves for the white man, and the republicans for the negro with a caricature of a black male.

Economy in the Jim Crow era


In most states the blacks were payed far less then the whites and even in some cases the blacks had to resort to sharecropping.

In the picture above, it displays the pay between the black and white male in the Jim Crow era. In most cases, the white men were payed a substantial amount more than the black male. In some special cases such as in D.C, both were payed the same due unbiased pay in the government.

What is sharecropping?

Sharecropping is the second hand type of slavery created after the abolishment. It is a way for white land owners to gain off of the labor that the black male puts in legally. This works because the black male that just were released from slavery did not have any money, so they resorted to renting land from their original owners. After years of hard work the white land owner would take the product grown and sell it for their own gain and force the black man off their property. This was not illegal because the black farm worker was not forced into doing the work, but merely believed they would gain from the tiring work put in.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope you learned a thing or too about the horrifying, but important Jim Crow era!

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