Gatsby's Story A presentation by Ed baron and Dan Bellapianta

Gatsby is born to a poor family on a farm in Minnesota. He attends St. Olaf College in Minnesota. He later drops out.
Meets Dan Cody and adventures with him on an aquatic journey to British West Indies and the Barbary Coast. Cody dies and Gatsby inherits some money from him.
He changes his name from James Gatz to Jay Gatsby.
Gatsby trains for the military at Camp Taylor, spends time with Daisy and falls in love with her. He leaves for WWI and Daisy wishes him goodbye. He fights in the Seventh Infantry and earns many war medals.
Gatsby commits his life to becoming successful and rich to impress Daisy and earn her love back despite her recent marriage to Tom Buchanan.
Gatsby buys a house in West Egg across the bay from Daisy and Tom whom live in East Egg.
Gatsby throws elaborate parties every weekend in hopes that Daisy would show up and want him back. Gatsby meets Nick and Jordan at one of these parties.
Gatsby plans to meet up again with Daisy over tea with the help of Nick. He influences the meeting so that it flows the way he wants to exactly in his head.
Gatsby and Daisy fall for each other once again. As a result, Gatsby stops throwing parties and fires his servants so they cannot gossip about him and Daisy and word doesn't spread.
Gatsby and Daisy flee from the city in a car. Daisy runs over Myrtle, killing her. Gatsby takes the blame for Myrtle's death.
Gatsby is shot and killed in his pool by Wilson.
Hardly anyone attends Gatsby's funeral. Gatsby used his money and his "friends" to impress Daisy while Gatsby's "friends" used him for his wealth.

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