The Beginning of a Liftime By: Julia justice

Dalton and I met in 2012, during our Freshman year at Ohio University. We lived in the same building and had the same friend group. Even though these photos are only 5 years old we look like babies in these pictures. To be honest we were babies still. We had no care in the world, we went to school during the day, played sand volleyball in the afternoon and went out at night. We were living the perfect college experience.
Our Freshman year and Sophomore year flew by and all the pictures above were taking during our Junior year. Our Junior year came to a close and we were looking for apartments with our friends for Senior year and then a bomb dropped on us..... We were pregnant!
WE WERE TERRIFIED! Looking back that was a normal but silly feeling we had such a great support system behind us and yes, our lives changed but it was time to leave college and start our "adult" lives anyway. We just did it a year earlier than we thought we were going to. We moved home and had our baby boy. Whose name is Westin and everything seems to be heading in the right direction. All of these photos above were taken from May 2015 - December 2015. I still had two years left of school and Dalton only had one. We decided to finish our degrees out online to begin our family in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio.
January 2016 Westin was born and to be honest the first 8 months he really didn't move, cry or make much of any noise very often and was the easiest baby. We were getting through school comfortably and both landed great jobs that wanted to hire us after graduation. Dalton was hired by UPS Management and myself at the Defense Logistics Agency as a Material Planner.
Fast forward a year and a half and here is my beautiful one year old. He is full of energy, loves to be outside, feeds our puppy all of his food and makes us laugh a minimum of 100 times a day. He was not a mistake or an oops hes perfect and were lucky to have him. He motivates, encourages and inspires us to be better. Dalton graduated with an Applied Management degree from Ohio University December 2016 and I am following close behind in May 2017 with a Bachelors in Business Administration with a focus in Management. We are a unit and this is just the beginning!

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