US Involvement in Vietnam Nick Beenen

The United States became involved in Vietnam specifically because they saw it as another Korea. We didn't want to lose the entire country to Communism, so we started sending aid then kept increasing our aid as to not have wasted the previos aid. Also, if we were to lose Vietnam to Communism, they feared that more and more of its neighbors would be lost due to the domino effect. The domino effect isn't limited to its neighbors, however, they also feared that allowing Communism to take south Vietnam would eventually lead to Communism in America.

Events in Vietnam

  • 1961: Kennedy sends 100 military advisors and 400 special forces troops to South Vietnam. He also orders that the south Vietnamese infiltrate Laos to disrupt northern Vietnamese connections.
  • 1964: Gulf of Tonkin Incident: North Vietnamese ships fire torpedoes at the USS Maddox
  • 1964: Gulf of Tonkin Resolution: Congress approves Lyndon B Johnson to "take all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against forces of the United States and to prevent further aggression."
  • 1973: Cease-Fire signed in Paris: According to Richard Nixon, it "brings peace with honor in Vietnam and Southeast Asia"
  • 1975: War comes to an end, Americans evacuate South Vietnam, South Vietnamese president delivers unconditional surrender.

The Vietnam war was very significant in American history in that it was so long, was not popular for the American public, and ended in about 60,000 American deaths. It was also the first loss for the American arms. Because of all this, American citizens became divided between pro and anti war, and our foreign policy was changed from what it used to be.

The consequences of failure in the Vietnam War mostly aroused questions about Communism and whether or not we would be able to handle it anymore. This loss brought about a fear of Communism in the United States once again, because all we saw was country by country being invaded or persuaded into becoming Communist, and all Americans could think was, "will it be us next?"


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