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This is TrumpTopia. It is here.

To be a Trumpist, you must follow the laws, and be Republican. This is a communist country! We love perfection and thrive.

  1. You must obey laws
  2. Cerfew at 11:00 P.M
  3. Basketball if your favorite sport
  4. School is Tuesday-Friday 9:30-12:00 P.M
  5. Only one religion and that is Trumpist
  6. Two kids per family
  7. You may only play the trumpet
  8. 10 Jobs: Lawyer, Entrepreneur, salesman, police officer, pilot, teacher, army, spy, doctor, and politician.
  9. Precision of language


"Trump island is a beautiful paradise" -Random Citezen

"If you hate Trump, Nobody likes you" -Dictator Trump

"If you are a Democrat you will get Deported" -Dictator Trump

Average Day

Wake up at 8 go to work at 10. End work at 4. Relax and have dinner from 4-8. go to bed at 10. Life. Simple.

Our Mission is to make everybody happy, and make everybody republican, because that is who we are. Trumpist.

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Alexander Curtis

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