Propaganda BY: janasia Withers

Which Holiday is the most fun to celebrate ?

In my opinion Halloween ! I say this because, with all the other holidays you don’t do much fun things expect get together with family. Halloween you can be with all your friends and family at the same time ! You also can dress up in different types of costumes, this is the only time of the year you can catfish somebody ! Every year scary houses come around, with all the other holidays things like that don’t happen. It’s the perfect time to be able to scare your parents, or mess up your skin and not get in trouble. It’s hilarious to see the fear on the little kids faces when you go trick or treating. All the holidays are heartwarming and awesome, BUT HALLOWEEN IS THE BEST, ITS SPECTACULAR, AMAZING, PLUS ITS VERY BEAUTIFUL!


Created with images by kevin dooley - "Mary Ellen Page's Halloween Town 2009"

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