Qin Dynasty Rankings by:A'mya Celenia Mcknight

Qin Dynasty's Politics

The Great wall and Terra cotta soldiers

Qin dynasty was known to be the first dynasty which in its 20years of reign unified china, along with standardizing currency, language, and passports.Along with the major construction projects that helped china's reputation to other countries along showing a stable nation. The Qin lastly lastly tomb, terra cotta warriors, and lastly Mausoleum the biggest monument of all time the great wall.

"The population was organized into occupations that would benefit the country: farming, building and the army.A 4,700 mile network of roads was developed to ease."Due to the construction of these roads and organized occupations china's economy would struggle.

the dynasty is believed to be remembered due to the accomplishment of the great wall a 6,000mile long wall which was later extended by the Han dynasty. The great wall not kept barbarians out of china but showed china as a unified stable nation, the strong and intimidating wall the mass of it along with the guards blocking it show china as a united. Also china first to be unified under the Qin ruling to be finally whole a nation which is truly monumental in history.

This dynasty is so special and significant to remember because not only did it create the biggest wall and make china is known for what tourist today go to see people from all over to see this created that took many years of blood, sweat, and tears. Also this was the first dynasty to make china what it is today the fierce usually one step ahead of other countries. It’s important because china today is one of the biggest nations the smartest most advanced of us all,so to see how it originated rather than other nations what made this nation the almighty?

Also the terra cotta soldiers although it carried no relevance to the time before the fact that artist were already at such a high level of advancement to make exact replicas of soldiers and the loyalty the citizens had to the emperor. Some work may have been forced but for the most part anyone would sacrifice their lives for emperor if it meant him having a safe resting place when dead.The soldiers being positioned for battle also showed how much war and bloodshed led to power which made this nation so powerful conquering and gaining expanding as a nation making it whole. The biggest lasting contributions that the Qin dynasty has on china still today will have to be the great wall.


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