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Hexavalent Chromium [Cr(VI)] is one of the valence states of Chromium. It is used for welding and other type of hot works and pigment in inks, paints and plastic. It is knows to cause cancer for the people who work is these kind of companies or factories.

H2SO4 + Na2Cr2O7 → 2 CrO3 + Na2SO4 + H2O. In this chemical reaction, Chromium Trioxide is being generated by Sodium Chromate with Sulfuric Acid. Companies is United States have estimated about 558,000 workers who are exposed by Hexavalent Chromium.

The purpose of this reaction is that it can harm the workers and the workers can file a case against the company so that they can provide safety because Chromium Trioxide, a fine example of Hexavalent Chromium, is highly toxic and powerful. It can get materials like alcahol to catch fire.

Word Equation: Sodium dichromate react with sulfuric acid to produce chromium trioxide, sodium sulfate and water.

Balanced Chemical Equation: H2SO4 + Na2Cr2O7 = 2CrO3 + Na2SO4 + H2O

Type of Reaction:


Chromium Trioxide is a environmental hazard of Hexavalent Chromium which are not very dangerous but are used to destroy Chromium samples.


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