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Swag Style

Flex-Bow Style

Cabin Style

Kodiak's Hot Tent (for Stoves)

Z-Top Sleeping Bags

Kodiak Flex-Bow Style Tents

If you're like most people you do not enjoy setting up tents. Many campers have a checklist of things to do and are anxious to get things set-up and light the campfire. The flex-bow tents are not only water tight, hold up incredibly well in extreme elements, but set-up in about 5 minutes with one person. These are available in 8.5x6, 9x8, 10x10, and 10x14 as shown below.

2-Person Flex Bow

4-Person Flex Bow

6-Person 10x10 Flex Bow

Basic 10x10

Deluxe 10x10

Super Deluxe VX 10x10

8-Person 10x14 Flex Bow

10x14 Basic

10x14 Deluxe

10x14 Super Deluxe VX

10x14 Screen House (no floor)

Kodiak Cabin Tents

The cabin tents are popular especially among those planning on camping for weeks at a time. They have taller ceilings and more vertical walls than the flex-bow style.

6-Person Basic

6-Person Deluxe

8-Person (4 with Stove) Lodge Tent

12-Person Cabin Tent

Kodiak Canvas Truck Tents (not your one-size fits all).

Truck Tents

Mid-Sized Bed Truck

6’ Full-Sized Truck

8’ Full-Sized Truck

What's this new Z-top technology made by Kodiak?

Sleeping Bags

Regular Size 36”x90” - 0°

Regular Size 36”x90” - 20°

XL Size 40”x95” - 0°

XL Size 40”x95” - 20°

Add-on Booster Quilts

Add-on for Regular Bag

Add-on for XL Bag

Stand-Alone Canvas Quilt


Super Six Stand-Alone Awning

Vestibule Porches for 10x10 and 10x14

Add-on Room for 6170 Lodge Tent

Add-on Room for 12x9 6133 Tent

Add-on Room for Grand Cabin 6160 Tent

Canvas Floor Liners

With the exception of the screenhouse and the truck tents, all of the Kodiak tents already have floors - and heavy duty floors at that. What's the purpose of a liner if the floor is so strong? Great question! The floor liners are completely optional and are considered a luxury item for sure. People purchase them to give their camping experience a little more of a homey touch functioning basically as carpet. It's soft on the feet and if you have freezing ground beneath you it is warmer to walk on. Customer's swear by them, but they are not required. The idea is that you put this on top of the floor to avoid sweeping the floor when it's time to break camp. Simply take the liner outside, shake it off, and you're good to go. It does add a layer of protection to the floor which can be helpful when camping on cots. Make sure your cots aren't missing any feet or they can be sharp and puncture any tent floor. The liner helps protect against unforeseen issues similar to that. They are canvas - the same type of thick canvas your tent roof is made of.

Canvas Floor Liners

For 9x8 Tent Floors

For 9x12 Tent Floors

For 10x10 Tent Floors

For 10x14 Tent Floors

Kodiak Brand Poly Ground Tarps

For 2-Person 8.5x6 Tent

For 4-Person 9x8 Tent

For 6-Person 9x12 Tent

For 6-Person 10x10 Tent

For 8-Person 10x14 Tent

For 8-Person 12x12 Lodge Tent

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