Saving Money, Saving Students Eliminating Standardized Testing

In Region Sixteen Of Connecticut, students start standardized testing in third grade.

There is an average of 150 students per grade in Region Sixteen.

That means there are about 1,500 students between 3rd and 12th grade that will take a standardized test each year.

Standardized tests costs about $27 per student. By the time the student graduates high school, they will have taken at least ten standardized tests, costing the school $270 per student.

That totals to $40,500 each year being spent on standardized testing.

The money that will be saved by eliminating standardized testing can be used for new school materials, sports, or even clubs.

Standardized testing wastes money that Region Sixteen could use to better the schools and the surrounding community. Standardized testing should be eliminated.

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