ARA Show Wrap Up

New Products and Helping Customers

Jason Stanczyk, EDCO’s vice president of operations, says the comfy red couches inside EDCO’s booth at The ARA Show™ 2020 in Orlando were rarely used. Customers and EDCO staff members instead, he says, raced past them writing orders and sharing application advice.

At the show, EDCO debuted six new or redesigned products that create more profit-generating opportunities for rental companies. These products include:

  • KL18, a new 18-in. flat saw.
  • DS20, a new 20-in. flat saw.
  • CPM8-P, a propane-powered scarifier.
  • Vac290, a redesigned silica dust capturing vacuum system.
  • BB14E electric 14-in. brick/block saw with an exclusive “breaker-saver” motor.
  • A battery-powered floor stripper concept, which still is in development. The product is the popular EDCO Tile Shark manufactured to run on a new battery power option. EDCO understands the equipment rental industry’s desire for battery-operated equipment and we are committed to working with battery suppliers as the technology evolves.
EDCO's Rich Quickel presenting the company's battery-power concept.

Technology was a main topic of discussion at the show as customers inquired about EDCO’s online training tools, including:

  • QR code decals on all of our products.
  • Animation-based training videos on YouTube.
  • Tools available on EDCOinc.com.
  • Learning tracks within EDCOed.com.

(scroll further down of more details about EDCO's online training tools)

Stanczyk also participated in ARA’s Technology Panel, presenting a report on free/ low-cost technology The ARA Show exhibitors now are offering the rental industry. These technologies are designed to train rental employees and enhance the service experience of rental store customers. The educational gathering is part of ARA’s goal of better connecting members with technology. For details on the Technology Panel report, contact Jason at 800-638-3326.

EDCO's Vice President of Operations, Jason Stanczyk, talks to attendees at the 2020 ARA Rental Show.

Socks, Socks, Socks

EDCO's 2020 socks

The undisputed star of our week at The ARA Show was EDCO socks. Word quickly spread and the EDCO booth became a destination for stylish footwear. More than 1,400 pairs were given away in just three days!

Claim your socks. EDCO has limited pairs left. To join the party, please post onto our social media:

  • Find us @edcousa on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and post using #EDCOSocks.
  • We will run out, so this offer is first come, first served, and socks will be shipped out as soon as possible.

EDCO sock owners. Use #EDCOSocks and post pictures of the socks being worn or living within your business.

Pick the theme for our next EDCO sock. Help us pick the next EDCO-based theme to star on our upcoming version. Simply go online and choose your favorite design for our next pair here.



Carroll Creek Kinetic Art Promenade

Spanning more than a mile through hip and historic Downtown Frederick. The Carroll Creek Park offers more than just a beautiful walkway. Throughout the year the area is a destination for festivals, happy hours, and lots of wedding and graduation pictures. Specialty shops, outdoor dining, breweries and a distillery are among the businesses located along the park.

Now the park hosts the Carroll Creek Kinetic Art Promenade. Made possible by the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek, this project adds vitality and beautification to Frederick by offering our community the opportunity to sponsor artisans who create kinetic sculptures.

Kinetic art is sculptures that interact with nature to create movement. Wind is the most common element but water is also a popular. The interaction with nature enhances the artwork’s beauty.

Carroll Creek Park is especially suitable for this type of art project. It’s west-to-east position funnels a generous amount of wind, its waters offer desirable light reflection and color, and its ornate promenade provides a relaxing oasis to witness the sculptures.

The EDCO Fabrication team hard at work assembling the pyramid bases.

EDCO was pleased to manufacture the bases or “pyramids” of these kinetic pieces. The pyramids have been submerged and will hold the artwork above the creek’s surface between March and November. The Rotary club hopes to grow the number of pieces each year and hopefully establish permeant displays throughout the artistic Frederick community.

The Rotary Club of Carol Creek was chartered in 1993 with 47 members. it has grown to over 150 members representing a broad spectrum of professionals, active citizens and service minded individuals. Despite their breakfast meeting’s early start time, the room buzzes with energy every week. RCCC is one of several Rotary clubs in the Frederick community.

Click here to learn more the Carroll Creek Kinetic Art Promenade.

Tree of Life by Thomas Sterner. Photo by Rotary Club of Carroll Creek

An Elusive Kinetic Portrait Margot de Messières & Tsetso Naydenov. Photo by Rotary Club of Carroll Creek

EDCO Online Tools

EDCO Provides Quality Online Tools Designed For Self-Training

Our traveling staff is the best, but they can’t be everywhere. We know our customers demand 24/7 learning opportunities. EDCO’s online training gives everyone the power to instantly teach themselves how to maximize Return on Investment. These tools were created years before social distancing was needed. Here are 4 ways everyone at your company can learn how to use, maintain, and profit with EDCO products.


Our FREE 24-hour online training resource. Provides exclusive education on the lasting success and rental profitability of EDCO products. Get certified anywhere at anytime. Check out EDCOED here.


Our flagship site offers information, videos and more regarding EDCO machines, tooling, and applications

EDCO'S YouTube Channel:

Compliments our websites with hours of training and maintenance videos, including our newly added 3D animation training videos. Subscribe and visit our Youtube channel here.

QRC Decals:

Please take a moment to inspect your current EDCO equipment making sure all QRC Decals are in good shape. The decal is located on the handlebar of most models. This code allows anyone to access our online resources. It will explain to the operator the correct application and usage of that particular piece of EDCO equipment. Simply scan, and the information appears. Scan the code below to see what we mean.

We’ve created a QRC Decal order sheet on EDCOinc.com. Visit our homepage or this link https://bit.ly/2vxKEfV to order what’s needed and EDCO will deliver them to you for free (as soon as we can). It’s our educational gift to our customers.

Working Remotely

EDCO is Open and Working Remotely

Our world has changed. The way we think about illnesses and how we value our time is different. EDCO has re-planned its response to our national crisis more times than we can count. We are constantly monitoring health guidelines and raising the intensity of our plans.

One thing has remained constant: EDCO is 100% open for business. Both our manufacturing facilities are working. What we do is deemed essential by both the federal government and within our state of Maryland. We manufacture needed construction products and offer essential manufacturing services to the nation’s supply chain. The safety of our team and getting EDCO product closer to you are always top priorities. This is how we are fulfilling these goals:

  1. Everyone who has the ability to work remotely is doing so. It’s hard to fathom that two weeks ago EDCO had little capacity to work remotely. Now most of our office staff is being productive at home. Creating this ability was a huge project and our team did a great job.
  2. All team members still within our manufacturing facilities are required to diligently disinfect their work stations and keep it clean. Before each break an announcement reminds everyone to clean. We are killing germs together and getting used to the bleach smell.
  3. Overall cleaning has been enhanced, both during and after business hours to ensure all high-traffic touchpoints are extra clean. Team members are in charge of disinfecting doorknobs multiple times each day.
  4. We’ve cancelled group lunches, doughnuts, and all other food sharing. We love each other’s food but it’s not worth the risk.
  5. We are staying away from close greetings. Friendly nods, foot bumps and elbow touches are welcomed at EDCO.
  6. Hand Sanitizer stations are cover all entrances and everyone must use them.
  7. EDCO leadership constantly updates procedures. The situation is changing by the hour so we are too.

Again, EDCO is open for business and we are taking care of our surroundings. If everyone takes personal responsibility we will keep manufacturing and keep getting after it. Thanks for being you and using EDCO products/services. Let’s take care of each other during this national issue. We are always better when together.

Stay healthy,

Jason Stanczyk, VP of Operations, EDCO

Here is our entire technical department successfully working remotely and keeping

their morale high: