The west African trade routes By:Alyssa Omland

The African trade kingdom was written by the empire of Songhai in the 16th century. "As these networks grow and become more prosperous, they expanded to included the Mediterranean and then eventually Europe trade goods including gold, salt, copier, ire, vartions minerals, and agricultural products." After the trading network getting more popular that is when the Mediterranean and Europe started to trade there good with other groups. Form that I can tell that both the Mediterranean and Europe both started to tared with other groups because maybe a different group had something that they needed and so they would trade one of there goods with a different group to get what they needed.

The spread of islam was a impact on the trade routes was righting by margarihill in January 2009. "Many of these rulers islam with traditional and local practices in what experts call the mixing over time, the population began to adopt to islam, often sedtively apportioning aspects of the faith." After they started to rule out the population of islam more people were going on the west African trade routes looking for a new belief because of them roiling out the islam cutler. From that I can tell that islam was not a culture anymore because the king started to rule it out and they ruled it out fully. How this has anything to do with the West Africa Trade Routes is that they were looking for a different culture to become a part of.

The African trade routes was righting by the met. "Mediterranean economies that demand gold and could supply- to the sub-Saharan economies, where gold was abountant." The Mediterranean needed gold and could supply things that sub-Saharan, needed because sub-Saharan had a lot of gold that the Mediterranean needed. From that I can tell that the sub-Saharan traded there gold for things they needed because most likely what they needed the Mediterranean could probe supply it for them.

The trading gold for salt. "Throughout history salt has been vary different to obtain in many parts of the world, and people feared a lack of salt. The way we the industrialized fear a shortage of fuel and oil." This mean that salt was hard to keep and people throughout that without salt you would die and back then that is what most everyone thought. What I can tell from this is that people wanted salt and without salt they would not be able to survive. And it was hard for people to keep salt.

"The empire stood right at the meeting point of several trade routes, coming south across the Sahara, west across the Sahel all the way from the Nile, and north from the forest and its gold fled's." That the empire of Songhai was right in the middle of all of the trade rotes across from south and north, and from the gold field's. They put themselves right in the middle so they could trade with all of the groups that go though there to get to different places.

This is what the west African trade routes are and how it cased cultural diffusion is because there were different relgion that were deing shered on the west african trade routes so how that cosed cultural diffusion is the more people caning there cultural the less of the cultural there will be in

How the west african trade routes had something to do with supply and demand is because lets say that you needed salt and a different group had salt and you had gold that they wanted to would go on the west african trade routes and go to the place that had the salt that they needed and they would trade the gold for salt that is how supply and demand had a place in the west african trade routes.


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