Japanese Internment Alexis Pollard

"Should the government have placed Japanese-Americans living on the West Coast in interment"

Poston War Relocation Center
Japanese boys at an internment camp in the United States


  • The Japanese Americans were placed in these camps for ours and their protection. There was a possibility that some of these people were indeed spies for Japan that could have given important information away to our enemies. We had to take precautions. -There were also a lot of people in America who would have been extremely hostile to this people, even without any provocation. Being in these camps kept them safe from prejudice.
  • They were given opportunities to continue living normally. They were fed, clothed, and given shelter. They started churches and schools, and they watched and played sports. Adults were given the opportunity to work.
  • Many people had homes and property that could not go back to that had been pillaged by people in the community. The US paid the Japanese who stayed in the US 10,000 dollars for their damages.
  • In video 2, it said that Americans feared a Japanese invasion, so their fears were justified since the military forces in America was spread thin and beaches, factories and ports left unattended.


  • Japanese American were not a major threat to the US. There was fear that they could be spies for their homeland but the same could be said for German Americans that were not incarcerated.
  • Even if they were fed, clothed given shelter and the opportunity work and receive education, they were incarcerated without grounds for any reason except suspicion. Theses acts went against the Japanese American's civil liberties.
  • They did not have to be put into camps to ensure their safety, domestic law enforcement could have stopped any vandalism or hate crimes in their town.
  • In video 3, it says that the Japanese Americans pledged their loyalty to America and voluntarily moved away from the coast and took up farming jobs to avoid


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