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So you've decided you want birth photos. You want a photographer to be there, to capture the event of a lifetime. Being invited into the birth space is such an incredible honour, one that I take seriously. But what does that mean? What does a birth photographer do besides show up, and take photos? What does it cost? And what do I get in return? I'm here to give all the details, and by the end of this, you'll have a better idea of what booking a birth photographer looks like.

I have always been an advocate for pregnancy, birth, motherhood, parenthood and all of the ebbs and flows in between. But the thing that fuels my fire the most is showing women just how incredibly powerful they are. One of the most important days of your life is the birth of your child. And I want you to remember it forever with beautiful keepsake photos.

Where do we start?- Because birth can be such an intimate and vulnerable situation, we meet in person to be sure that I am the perfect fit to be a part of your birthing experience. We go over your past experiences if any, if you have a birth plan, a hopeful shot list. You can view a more detailed portfolio and we can go over the contracts and pricing. We can also discuss comfort levels of nudity and expectations. This is your birth story, so your level of comfort with these photos is priority to make it a memorable experience. I will show you and explain my camera gear, and answer any other questions that arise.

Booking- If you feel you are in the perfect hands, then we book. I block out 6 weeks of my time around your due date. I am then on-call as of 37 weeks, and remain on call until the baby arrives. You will receive a welcome package, and at this point a $300 dollar non-refundable retainer fee must be made in order to keep this on-call time available. This fee goes towards the full cost of the service.

Okay. So now what?

  • Leading up to the Big Day.
  • During labour.
  • After Delivery.
  • Investments.

"On-Call"- When you reach 37 weeks of your pregnancy, I am now considered on-call. I am sleeping with my phone volume on loud, right beside my head. My phone is charged constantly, and on my hip at all times. If it is 2 a.m and you are in labour- CALL ME. If I am at my own child's birthday party, and you are feeling like "it's time", you call me, and I leave, camera batteries charged, bags are packed and ready to go. I am here for you until your baby is born. I do not venture outside of 30km of home while I am on-call to be sure to be here for you.

When it's time- When you feel like the time is here- labour is imminent, you, your partner or someone in your support circle calls me. Day or night, rain or shine, snow, sleet, hurricane, volcanic eruption, apocalypse. I make my way to you, if it be at home, hospital or the side of the road. I am there in under an hour.
While I'm with you. - During your labouring experience, I am a fly on the wall with a flash. If there is a chandelier, I will discretely hang from it so I can get the best angle for the photos. If labour is slow to process, I may take a few moments to drink some water, have a snack, or stretch my legs. But I remain at your side. This is your birth story, and I will try and get all the details, all the emotions, all the moments while being respectful of those involved.

Every time I speak with a mom after she has just gone through birth, the same response typically comes about- "it was such a blur". So my goal, is to give you back the best and hardest moments of your life. You will see just how much of a warrior queen you are with these irreplaceable memories.

Baby is here! After the storm, and into the calm of enjoying the bundle you just brought earthside, I will stick around to get the rest of the events on camera. Weighing, first little sounds, breastfeeding, skin to skin. Those moments in limbo between disbelief of what just occurred and completely over the moon with happiness. This is usually between one to two hours, then I will leave, while you embark on a new adventure in life.

You will then receive an email with 1-3 edited files to use as your announcement within 24 hours of your birth. I will not share these photo publicly until we have discussed that I can do so. Typically the turn around time for the rest of the photos is roughly 2-3 weeks. This gives everyone enough time to adjust from the big event. You'll be able to spend an evening, reminiscing about the big day, while flipping through 50+ gorgeous photos, that will never age.

During the post processing, I take the next 2-3 weeks and select the very best images from your birth story. I meticulously hand edit each one to the highest of standards. The photos will show the waves of emotion through your birth journey, bringing you and those close to you, back to those incredible feelings.


Due to the intimate nature of birth, my vast knowledge of the birth space, and all the time I have committed to you, having a birth photographer is an investment.

There is the option to work out a payment plan that can suit and fit your family. I understand budgets and am willing to help make this work for all.

Currently I offer one package, the full fee-$1100, but after the deposit is made, the remaining balance is $800 due at 37 weeks unless we have discussed payment options.

This includes:

On call from 37weeks

50 + Images with print release. Web images to share with family and friends

1 Facebook Announcement within 24 hours.

One 8×10 Print

Option to purchase additional files and keep-sake prints.

I am looking forward to meeting you, and am humbled to be invited to such an incredible space.

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