Persephone Kortney ferdig

Persephone is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. Persephone was abducted by Hades and later became the queen of the underworld along with Hades wife. Persephone grew up being called Kore also known as "maiden"" and also attracting attention from many of the other gods because of her beauty. The myth about Persephone is known all around the world and is the ancient Greek's explanation of the season changes, the eternal cycle of Nature's Death and rebirth.

One characteristic that Persephone was she was scared. The reason why being scared is one of her characteristics is because one day she was just going on her way and picking flowers and then she was abducted a minute later and had no idea what happened. Her Second characteristic is stubborn. Ever since Persephone has been in the underworld, she has refused to eat and because loss of appetite. Hades told Persephone before she had left the underworld she had to eat something but what she did not know was once you eat in the underworld you have to stay in the underworld. The third characteristic and the last was Persephone was depressed. Persephone was depressed because she had gotten abducted and taken away from her family. Persephone was unable to see any of her family/friends because she was in the underworld and they were on Earth.

The theme of Persephone's myth is "whatever you want, is what you get." My reasoning behind this is Hades wanted Persephone to be his wife and he went to her mother and she said there was no chance that she would allow that, but he was going to do it anyways. "The god swooped down upon Persephone, scooped her up with one arm, and literally and figuratively deflowered her—leaving the plain scattered with blossoms of every color."

Persephone is one of the bravest out of many of other gods. Persephone is the bravest because she got abducted from her normal life on earth and had to relive it with Hades in the underworld.

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