All About Me Multi-genre By Spencer w.

I chose this title cover because I know I could have done something loud and proud, but at heart I still have a lot to prove of myself, I am still shaping my picture, so I felt that a white canvas resembles how I have so much more to do to paint my pictures my life.

Common Slang

"Yo, you chillin w mathis tn?"

"Nah fam i ain't pullin up"

"Ight, ima go cop some food then hmu on the ave."

"Bet, ill c u there"


"Fam what's good?"

"Be quiet and dap me up."

"My bad fam xD"

"Where you crashin tn?"

"Idk prob fitz's crib"

"Bruh what abt my place?"

"Oh, nah im actually chillin at loulou's"



"Ight peace bro"

Stolen Valor

In my free time I love to watch videos on people busted of committing the crime of stolen valor. I love to see the people who have the guts to say they are a vet get destroyed by actual vets. This is because it gives a feeling of justice. A surreal feeling of you deserved it you dick. I hate people who think they can just say they were in an explosion, or just in a firefight, when they haven't, because honestly. THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO HAVE DIED FOR OUR CONTRY, AND THEN YOU GO TRYING TO TAKE THEIR SHIT, THEIR HONOR?!


I love skiing, but there's one moment that i remember the most. This dis kid came hella flying over this jump tang and landed like a damn scorpion he broke himself and was in critical condition for a month

Things I Want to Do In The Future

So for this column I chosse things like skydive, paraglide, squirrel suit, and ski in insane places. This is because I play a very realistic all mountain winter sport game. This game is lots of fun and hooked me at first sight, it has skiing, which I do, but all these other sports seem so much fun, so I want to try them.

A painful fall from inferno

Plummeting. Tumbling. Falling. Sliding. Death Defying Crash. All words I'd use to describe this day. That and lucky, not to be alive, not to be living, but lucky. After a 50ft plummet and more because of the landing drop, what's the worst that could happen? Pain, death, or would it be blue skies and smiles?

A moment that really taught me an experience was witnessing a young adult teen go off a 50ft jump on Mount Snows notorious inferno jumps, four stories, and land scorpion. Scorpion is when you land on your head and your feet are up the mountain and arch over your head and makes you look like a scorpion. He kept tumbling like a rag doll over and over and over. Until finally the repetition of flipping was interrupted by a quick SMACK. With much surprise, a pedestrian had wandered into the way of the tumbling rag doll. After what felt like a few minutes of falling, the boy had stopped tumbling.

My friends dad rushed over to the boy who was falling, and immediately tried to get him conscious without moving him. He was worked on for a while, and when his friend came down to see what happened, his fright turned into panic straight away. He ran through the base camp screaming for help. Urging for someone to call the medics. Even after he was told many times they were already on the way. Enough time had gone by for the first responders on the mountain to show. The ski patrollers rushed in to help out. After my friends dad thought he had done everything he could with his medical training as as a volunteer firefighter, he backed off. He walked back to us with little expression. He slouched, had a slight drag in his feet. And with his head down he walked back. Just as he reached us, a ski patroller came back with quick pace, and gave him his jacket he had taken off even though it was very cold. All of the people around me had their jaws wide open. There were multiple blood stains smeared on the jacket. We stood and watched. Rumor went around that there would be a helicopter evac, but with little hope. An ambulance was on the way. The pedestrian that had been hit such a long time ago now seemed in pain. As she got here care, it was clear her leg was broken from the collision earlier that day. The skier was now being put onto a backboard and being brought to the ambulance just a few feet away. The white ambulance with a red streak down the back had rolled up the mountain to get the seemed to be lifeless patient. The doors were shut, and no one saw him for weeks. It was when i was sitting at the dinner table when my dad got a message. My friends dad was told the injury report because of his actions. The skier had broken his ankle, his legs, his arms, dislocated a shoulder, and knee, had a serious concussion, hurt his neck, broke his pelvic bone, and a few ribs. After hearing all this my heart stopped. I thought he must be paralyzed. But to everyone's surprise, god had spared him. The doctors said he would be able to walk away with nothing permanent. He was going to be in a full body cast, but nothing was permanent.

This made me think about skiing. I was always the first one to get the most air. The first one to fly higher than anyone else. To fly farther than the landing zone. But this incident scared me. I couldn't help but to think about how badly the kid had crashed. So now i am always sure to check my speed and be much more careful going off jumps. This incident not only made me so aware of the dangers, but also put me into the eyes of something i had never seen before. This event really changed me indirectly.

photo taken from Adobe Spark (not original)

My 14...

Being 13 was hard, eighth grade was terrible, but think of it this way, if the hours of homework and tons of prep work was hard, 14 is like trying to cross the Atlantic with no ship. Actually, the first few weeks are ok, the new teachers, new environment, so say we had a ship and we were trying to cross the Atlantic. It felt like the ship would be slowly slowly sinking till the point of you swimming. There are so many things that complicate 14. The new school, making new friends, the great divide of splitting up with all your close friends who move district into a private school. That's hard! But imagine all that stress, as well as four hours of homework, and the pressure of being the youngest on all of your sports teams. Your the slow swimmer, not the one that crosses the Atlantic in a few days.

Authors Note

All of my stories relate to me to some extent. Some more personal than others. They range from wider points of view to more precise interpretation of myself. My I'm 14 was based on a more wide speed idea of my life, tying together my whole life at this age. Whereas my encyclopedia entry focused on more specific topics such as my speech, and things I am passionate about such as stolen valor, and my even more specific piece, my defining moment. All together tho, these entries all resemble the puzzle that is me.


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