Donald Trump Cut Off His Son's Hand! PARIS RHODES

Donald Trump’s Problems with ‘The Blacks’ Yikes! Huffington Post better have some substantiation for such a big claim. Well… they don’t. Go on to read the article to find out it is about minority voting demographics and that their only sustenance to the claim being their multiple accounts of someone who didn’t like Trump saying he did something bad. (Which doesn’t pass as hard evidence) The left really does have a serious problem with headline titles becoming clearly untrue in an attempt to get a reader to click on the title and get them that sweet, sweet ad revenue. Thank god it is so much better on the right. Hillary to Show Up to Debate as Hologram. Uh-oh. But the substance of this article has got to back up these claims, right? Oh no, Alex Jones and the Infowars team use shotty camera quality and camera angles to prove that Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Political Candidate attended the debates as a hologram.

This might not seem like much of a problem and it usually isn’t. This is because such bogus articles are rarely accepted as the truth in real life. If you see a real life tabloid paper like The Daily News with poorly cropped photoshop pictures and crazy headlines like “Hillary Flees to Canada to Save Her Alien Baby!” you will know that kind of paper is purely for entertainment and shouldn’t be taken as news. But those kinds of things are harder to detect online. Tabloid press and so called ‘fake news’ has always been a part of world entertainment. But the problem is the mass sharing and the popularity of things like these that are obviously untrue. Links are being shared all over Facebook and other social media sites that are clearly tabloid, and are being played off as true. One of the biggest reasons that this kind of ‘fake news’ is becoming more and more of a problem is because of the ease of sharing.

Another is ad revenue. Companies no longer have to entice their audience for a very long time. News outlets no longer need to entice their audiences whatsoever! As soon as you click on a link you have given tabloid sites all they need. This is because the ad loads with your content, making it effectually useless to try to produce quality content, it makes more sense for them to entice you with a headline. Facebook is trying to crack down on this type of content by labeling some sites as spam and not allowing them to be shared. Guess what? This is the worst possible solution. Facebook banning sites adds to the partisan divide already growing in America. Which sites are reliable and which sites are not depend solely on your opinion, since some people believe that sites are reliable and other believe that others are reliable. For some it will look like Facebook is just censoring opinions..

Don't cite this website. PLEASE GOD.

Think of it like this: with social media and facebook it is so much easier to share and comment about what you’re reading. In fact, according to The Science Post only 30% of Facebook users read the articles that they share or comment on. That is a crazy number folks! Imagine a scenario where an article is titled Martin Luther King Jr. : A Legacy and in honor of the late MLK, you share that article on his birthday. But then you start losing friends on Facebook, getting messages cursing your name. All you can wonder is “Why”? Because that MLK article you shared, was from a white supremacist group, talking all about how MLK drove the country into the ground. It took you about four seconds to share that link. Would have taken you ten to read the article. But now you are going to have to spend hours recovering friends. So the moral of my story is very simple, think before you click. If you wouldn’t suggest a restaurant without eating there, why share a link without reading its contents?

"That is NOT how you open a jar of pickles." -Alex Jones

In reference to Alex's skepticism of Hillary Clinton opening a jar of pickles on a late night show to prove her physical health was in shape.


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