Adobe Experience Manager, the leading headless CMS* *2020 Forrester Wave - Agile CMS

Adobe Experience Manager is a headless CMS, who knew?

Let's explore why organisations are evaluating headless content delivery and how AEM can help.

Why would you need a headless CMS?

IT is looking to address Agility and Flexibility

Organisations want to deliver app-like experiences in addition to regular content pages

Javascript frameworks like React and Angular have matured

Content delivery channels have increased in number and technology has diversified

So, IT needs a flexible, decoupled, developer friendly CMS.

Adobe Experience Manager has been headless for over 10 years - and we constantly continue to innovate

AEM's Pillars for Headless

GraphQL and Content Services power efficient rendering in client applications and robust APIs for content management

AEM's Content Fragment Model editor enables you to define content models, relationships and governance via a no-code GUI.

Our content fragment editor is an intuitive user interface for creating and managing content.

Experience Fragments can be delivered as json objects or plain html while enabling rich personalisation across channels


Adobe's GraphQL APIs for Content Fragments supports headless use cases where external client applications render experiences using content managed in AEM.

GraphQL is a modern content delivery API that enables highly efficient and performant Javascript-based frontend applications. A GraphQL query only returns the content it needs from a single API call. This results in:

  • faster delivery of experiences that use less data
  • Allows for more sophisticated use-cases without increasing complexity

Because of GraphQL's intuitive query language, front end engineers love to use it and opens access to a large talent pool to create experiences in Adobe Experience Manager

Whenever a Content Fragment Model is created or updated, the data schema is automatically translated and added to the “graph” that makes up the GraphQL API making those changes available to all downstream applications. 


Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Content Fragments are created and managed as page-independent assets. They allow you to create channel-neutral content, together with (possibly channel-specific) variations ... Content Fragments are editorial content, primarily text and related images.


An Experience Fragment is a grouped set of content and presentation, forming an experience that makes sense on its own. With Experience Fragments you can:

  • Reuse an experience across channels (both owned channels and 3rd party touch-points)
  • Create variations of an experience for specific use-cases
  • Keep variations in sync with the use of Live Copy,
  • Social Post experiences to Facebook and Pinterest out of the box
  • Use machine learning to power personalised experiences across all delivery channels

Watch this great video on AEM Fragments AND GraphQL from our recent developer conference...

Delivering client benefits


Major Australian bank, NAB uses Adobe Experience Manager to deliver essential updates quickly and efficiently even during a crisis on React apps, kiosks and web.

4X More content updates managed during the pandemic

Omnichannel Content

With Experience Fragments, Best Buy can take advantage of headless content and create more consistent experiences across email, web, and social media.

10-12 X Reuse of content
Creative assets go live 75% faster


At ViacomCBS networks, Headless content delivery supports centralized authoring across millions of Content Fragments that can be reused in websites, apps, and partner systems like Apple TV and Netflix

50+ Brands managing content

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