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In-Home sessions are scheduled ONLY at 10 am in the morning. I find this to be the best light shooting indoors. These sessions are very relaxed and are designed to capture family connections. These are great for newborns, maternity or a family with toddlers.

These are my favorite sessions, so let me tell you why! Your home is the most comfortable place to be so don't have to worry about making sure everyone is happy. No loading up the car to drive to a location or bringing extra snacks. Lifestyle is exactly that - LIFE. It's simple therefore don't make it complicated. The session takes place at your home. Since it is so relaxed, the pressure of the "perfect" photo is gone. We get to play, laugh, be silly, have fun, embrace the chaos, have snack time, take naps, whatever you do on a daily basis. Most of all, tell your story!

Capturing real life moments. Things we want to remember about our children and to remember their childhood. The times you sat down and read a story to them, time spent in the kitchen together baking and doing dishes. Whatever it may be, let's document life's best moments.

Q: Do I need a model home?

A: NO. You do not need a home that is well decorated or looks like a model home. All you need is a window or two for light. I do not use supplemental lighting just natural light.

Q: How can I better prepare my home for a session?

A: I suggest picking out 3 rooms in your home that you spend the most time in or prefer over others. Popular rooms include a nursery, master bedroom, living room or kitchen. They do not need to be spotless but I do recommend removing any items you don't want in the photos (clutter, photos, playpen, bouncer, dirty dishes, etc.)

Q: Are in-home sessions just for newborns?

A: NO. In-home session can be for families with toddlers to teens, for a maternity session and or newborn session. In-home sessions are great for children on the spectrum, they feel more comfortable and more likely to open up in a safe environment free from distractions.

Q: What age are newborn sessions recommended?

A: Newborns are anywhere between 0-3 months.

Q: When do you recommend maternity sessions?

A: Maternity sessions are recommended at 28-33 weeks.

Q: Do I need props?

A: NO. I do not use props as we are focusing on the family and your connection. I am not a posed photographer and only capture genuine moments between a family. You are welcome to include items that are sentimental.

Q: What should I wear?

A: In-home sessions photograph best with solid clothing. Whites, creams, blues and grey’s photograph best. I recommend textured clothing and less patterns are best. No logos, numbers or letters on clothing as it is distracting.

Soft neutral colors that are not distracting works best!
Great for the holidays!
Dance party in the living room! (more soft tones.)

Newborn Lifestyle Tips

  • Pick three rooms you would like to use during your session
  • Before my arrival, make sure all artificial overhead lights are turned off
  • Open up any blinds curtains to allow more natural light into the home
  • Make sure your home is set at 80 degrees for newborn comfort
  • Try feeding newborn before my arrival (breaks are allowed)
  • Don't stress, the house doesn't have to be spotless
  • Remove any clutter you do not want seen in your images (bouncer, playpen, highchair)
Perfect for maternity!
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