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Did you know that India is on the road to being the most populated country in the world? This South Asian country has many famous buildings, villages, and plains. Many people go to India to see historic buildings such as the Taj Mahal, to celebrate famous holidays such as Diwali, and to learn about famous people such as Mahatma Gandhi.

The Taj Mahal is one of the most famous places in the world. It is located on the southern bank off the river of Jumna just off Agra.

Many people may wonder why this building is called the Taj Mahal. It is called the Taj Mahal because that was the emperor's last name. Some people call the Taj Mahal by it’s last name, Mahal.

A common question people ask is: Who built the Taj Mahal? The Emperor wanted a building that was made of white marble and had a domed roof built in India. So he found a spot where he wanted Mahal to be. It was not the Emperor's strength to build it. So Mahal commanded a man whose name was Shah Jahan to build the Taj Mahal. Legend has it that Jahan wanted to build a building identical to the Taj Mahal to be built for him and his wife. So Jahan built the Taj Mahal and before he could build an identical copy the emperor cut Jahan's wrists making his hands fall off.

The Taj Mahal´s main materials were brick, red sandstone, and white marble.

Since it is historic, there are many myths about the Taj Mahal, one of the most famous buildings in the world

Mohandas Karachan Gandhi, also known as Mahatma Gandhi was born on October 2nd 1869. Gandhi was assassinated by Nathuram Godse on January 30th 1948. Gandhi was the civil rights leader of India. He fought for India's freedom from the hands of the British and let India become a free country. Gandhi was a very amazing man and was awarded many medals such as “Man of the Year.” Gandhi was imprisoned by the British a few times for the Salt March in 1930 and for fighting for India's independence and women's rights. What makes Gandhi completely different from others is that he fought for India's freedom from Britain without any weapons. Gandhi fought with his words and ideas. In Gandhi's mind there was no physical fighting, there was only fighting with thoughts and ideas. What is also surprising is that Gandhi did not talk for one day in each week. He believed this would bring order to his mind. As said by a very famous Indian,

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

His name, was Mahatma Gandhi.

When it comes to winter holidays Christians think about Christmas, Jews think about Hanukkah, but there is one very important holiday to Hindus called Diwali. There are five days of Diwali, day one is Dhanteras, day two is Naraka Chaturdasi, day three is Amavasya, day four is Kartika Shudola Padyal, and finally, day five is Yama Dvitiya. On Diwali, (also called Festival of Lights), small clay lamps called diyas are lit to welcome the gods Lakshmi and Ganesha. There are some sweets eaten on Diwali such as, barfi, jalebi, and ladoo. There are two main gods of Diwali: Lakshmi (the god of wealth and good fortune) and Ganesha (the god of good luck). Families clean their houses before Diwali to welcome the spirit of these gods. Diwali is traditionally celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs but many other religions celebrate this fantastic holiday!

Now do you realize why you should take a trip to India? See amazing buildings, celebrate famous holidays, and learn about India's founding fathers. If you're looking for a good place to spend your vacation, India is the perfect place.

Did You Know?

The eastern slandered time zone in the U.S.A. is ten and one-half hours behind the New Delhi time zone.

India is in the Northern Hemisphere of the world.

The population of India is about 1,220,800,359 people.

The capital of India is New Delhi.

The most common language that is spoken in India is Hindi.


Country's of the World: India

No Taking By: Andrew Clements

A beautiful sunset in India!

Tall Mountains stand strong in India!

A beautiful day in the mountains!

Rivers flow threw the valleys!

Rivers freeze during cold weather!

Water rushes threw the rock!

Valleys in India.

A village in India!

A huge castle!

Rivers flow calmly on a beautiful day.


The grasslands.

Water rushes through a cave.

Look out!

Festival off lights!

Just one diya!




Lakshmi (god of wealthiness and good fortune)

Ganesha (god of luck)

Saraswati (god of education)


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