To Go, where no man should go at all Interview with Patrick Thévoz Co-Founder and CEO of Flyability

With their ability to access confined spaces in dangerous locations, Flyability’s drones save lives. The Swiss company’s highly specialized devices are bristling with sensors and cameras. They have been flown into nuclear reactors and Alpine glaciers, but are easier to operate than most toy drones, as Co-Founder and CEO Patrick Thévoz is eager to point out. European Business spoke with Mr. Thévoz about the future of drone technology, his responses to public concerns about drone safety and potential misuse, and Flyability’s proudest achievement.

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Our goal is to send drones into spaces where it would be too dangerous and costly to send humans.
We have worked on numerous missions, in which fatalities had occurred before our technology existed, and it fills us with joy to tell our customers that there is now a safer way.

Patrick Thévoz


Even though they are commonplace, cars are highly regulated in terms of safety features and are confined to well-defined circulation corridors. The same is happening and will continue to happen with drones.
I envision a world where drones can indeed navigate safely in the airspace – but with the exception of some limited environments and applications, this won’t occur in the world of tomorrow yet, but later!

Patrick Thévoz


Our devices are actually easier to operate than most toy drones, and thanks to the collision-tolerance of our products, which is indispensable for accurately navigating them in the most confined indoor spaces, a piloting mistake has no consequences.

Patrick Thévoz

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