Amarillo Q1 2017 Newsletter

Birthday Celebrations

January 4 Tricia Loucks and Crystal Summers

January 24 Abby Burklow

February 4 Sara Russell

March 2 Rachelle Elliott

March 7 Breana Willoughby

Work Anniversaries

January 5th: 2 years Ashley Kops

February 1st: 7 years Crisann Skinner

February 2nd: 2 years Ashleigh Wilson

February 28th Rachelle Elliott 3 years and first employee hired

March 22nd Val Betts 3 years First SLP hired

March is National Social Work Month
Texas Tech Health Science Center

Janie Carter BSW (standing)

1. I graduated from Lincoln High in Manitowoc, Wisconsin in 1971. I have 3 children, 7 grandchildren, and 1 great grandson. I joined the Army as a laboratory tech and a paramedic. I was stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY in a combat support hospital. I continued to work in the lab/research after the Army at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. I worked in the lab for a total of 38 years ending as a supervisor at the hospital. After having to get up at 2am in the morning for work, I decided to change careers. I graduated from WTAMU with a Bachelor’s degree in social work in 2010. I have been with Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center now going into my 4th year.

2. In 1971 I was going to get a degree in special education because I like to work with children especially those with special needs. Life took over and I never achieved that goal. But when I did decide to change careers I was in my mid 50’s and most companies would rather hire someone who is just starting a career not ending one. I had been watching “Judging Amy” and was very impressed with Amy’s mother who was middle aged and was CPS worker. I then decided to go into social work, not because of “Judging Amy” but because there is a variety of different job opportunities and age was actually a plus because of life’s experiences. So here I am!

3. I love the variety of opportunities we have working with our patient population. There is never one day that is the same (except therapies)LOL. I also like that I have the opportunity to attend different classes, seminars and conferences in order to keep up with the latest resources that are available in our community.

4. I have to agree with Gracie on this one. I would want people to understand that social workers don’t always take children away or put families on welfare. Our work is not to enable but to provide resources so our client can achieve their goals to the best of their potential.

5. I like to think that I have good organizational skills and am a good problem solver. If I give you my word I will follow thru to the best of my ability. I will give you the shirt off my back if you need it more than me. In my spare time I love to play poker, read, and watch movies. Before my knee replacement I clogged with a competition team both in Amarillo and Florida. I have danced at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas, in Nassau, Bahamas and Disney World. My children all live in Florida so I have 3 rescue cats that keep me company.

6. I enjoy working with the staff at T2000. When I have a question I know that I can call and get the answer I need. I also enjoy the weekly visits with Andrea and my discussions with Monica. The communication between are offices is essential in order to process your therapy requests in a timely manner.

Gracie Mubarak LBSW

1. I graduated from Petersburg High School in 1978. I graduated from West Texas State University with a Bachelors in Social Work in 1982. I have been with Texas Tech Physicians for 29 years. I started as a Social Worker I in November, 1987. I became the Supervisor/Social Worker II in 2003.

2. I always wanted to work with children that were abused. I wanted to make a difference in their life. I wanted them to know that someone cared enough to do something about what was happening to them.

3. I love working with the small children. They are adorable and I love making them laugh. I also love interacting with our senior citizen population. I love to listen to their stories. Even if I’m not able to help with resources, sometimes all the really want if for someone to talk to and listen.

4. I would like the public to realize that social workers work in an array of fields; medical, schools, counseling, just to name a few. People naturally assume that social workers are the people that “take kids away from their families or put people on welfare”. That is a stigma I wish to dispel. Social Workers are problem solvers, listeners, liaisons, empathizers, teachers, etc. We try to help our clients to reach their potential.

5. I like to think that I am a great listener. I am a great problem solver. For people who know me, I am a straight shooter. You know where you stand with me. I will bend over backwards to help anyone interested in helping themselves. When I’m not working, I enjoy reading and spending time with family. My son and I have the same taste in books and movies. So we trade books with each other and go to movies together.

6. I enjoy working with the staff at Therapy 2000. I can either call their office if I have questions or visit with Andrea Ewing on her weekly visits to our offices. The constant back and forth between our office helps in clarifying any changes made in paperwork required to get our patients services delivered in a timely manner.

Breaking News!!!!!!

New study reveals direct correlation between compassionate therapist and compassionate pet parent! Amarillo therapists are the proud owners of 114+ pets!! It ranges from a sugar glider and other small animal rescue to dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, and horses!


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