A&F Sport is a product line, which offers activewear
Two specific products and prices: 1) Cold shoulder sweater (pictured) --- $58.00 2) Linen tee --- $28.00
Abercrombie and Fitch has a strong presence online, internationally, and locally
Abercrombie uses instagram to promote their sales


The tailgate collection of American Eagle features college apparel
Two products are Mesh Cardigan (pictured) which is $44.95 and bomber jacket, $59.95
like A&F, American Eagle is also relevant as it is located online, internationally, and locally
American Eagle takes advantage of a wide range of discounts to advance their sales
  • Strengths: Abercrombie enjoys a strong presence in the US and Globally. Its designs are "in" and trendy. It comprises of a wide range of products from perfumes to footwear. The quality of their merchandise is superior. Abercrombie has been around for many years, able to build their experience.
  • Weaknesses: Abercrombie had many instances of employee maltreatment scandals in the past. Its brand image portrayal was too white and lean.
  • Opportunities: Abercrombie could expand more in the non-western globe. Try to advertise on TV, taking advantage of commercials
  • Threats: A threat to the company includes the competition from a range of companies. Abercrombie and Fitch must define itself from all of the companies that make the same style of clothing.
  • Strengths: American Eagle has a strong brand owns subbrands such as Aerie. Like Abercrombie, the products range from clothes to accessories. American Eagle takes advantage of their advertisements, which take form from mails to commercials online.
  • Weakness: The price of clothing in AEO is increasing. The brand lacks presence in the non-western countries.
  • Opportunities: American Eagle could benefit from launching more subbrands such as Aerie, and expand its brand in the non-western globe.
  • Threats: Some threats for American Eagle include its losing to competitors that are gaining popularity. Another threat is the demands for labor wages.

Our company Abercrombie and Fitch, is the stronger company of the two, because our designs are more relevant, and different customers could benefit from different subbrands such as Hollister and our AF kids. While American Eagle is popular on the market as well, I personally like the products and designs of Abercrombie more.


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