Instruments of the Orchestra Livia period M/f PD 6

There are four instrument families that make up the Orchestra - Brass, Percussion, Woodwind, and String.

The Brass family consist of a group of wind instruments ( such as the french horn, trombone, trumpet, or tuba) that usually have long cylindrical or metal tubes curved two or more times and ending in a flared bell.

Examples of Brass instruments

The Percussion Family is played by striking their surfaces, and are used to dramatize certain notes. ( Cymbals, drums, triangles, & xylophones).

Examples of the Percussion Family Instruments

Woodwind instruments are a family of instruments within the common category of wind instruments. (Flutes, piccolo's, basoons, saxaphones, & clarinets).

Examples of the Woodwind Family

The String Family is the largest family of instruments in the orchestra, and they come in four different sizes. The violin being the smallest, viola, cello, and the double bass being the biggest. (violin, viola, cello, & double bass).

Example of the String Family instruments


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