Dear Mabe, Sol and Johann.

Your already have met each other, but we would really like to start this year letting you all know what we feel about you and the wonderful things each one of you bring to the table.


We are so lucky to have you as part of our community for the second year. You are an amazing teacher who is constantly doing research and looking for strategies to use in the classroom. We are amazed at the responsibility that you have demonstrated during your time here. It really shows how much you care about the students, peers and school in general. We are sure you will keep making an incredible team with Mabe and you will welcome Sol with open hands.


Having you in lower school is truly incredible. You are a caring and kind person who is always looking after students and peers. Students love being around you because you are kind and you always want what is best for them. The work and dedication you have shown is amazing because you are always trying to improve your lessons as well as the activities done in class. We are sure you will keep making an incredible team with Johann and you will welcome Sol with open hands.


You are an outstanding teacher assistant who is always willing to help and has a great attitude toward students and peers. The love and interest you have shown for your students is truly amazing. We have seen how much you care for their well being as well as academic success. Fourth grade is really lucky to have you in their team because you will be able to share the ideas you have. Welcome to 4th grade!

Final but certainly not least…...don´t forget about Instructional Facilitator, Krizia!

She will help you and guide you with curriculum questions, she will offer demo lessons and will visit your classrooms often to give you constructive feedback and support. Rely on her, use her and take advantage of all her knowledge, love and care she has for teaching, students and staff. Thank you Kriz for all your work and support!

Below you can find the link to our PRE SERVICE AGENDA for next week.

Monday is a full day, we will start at 7h45 and will have a delicious welcome back lunch out of campus

On the link below you can find your schedule for this year. Take a look at it.


Finally on the ink below you can find the curriculum, contents and resources for the classes you will be teaching. You can start taking a look at them.

Krizia and I welcome you all! We are very happy to have as part of our Lower School dream team

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