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For nearly 50 years Laupus Library has served a large and diverse constituency of students, researchers, practitioners and citizens of eastern North Carolina. In 2009, the Friends of Laupus Library was established to provide much needed advocacy and support of the library, the health sciences community and East Carolina University.

“Laupus Library has a tremendous impact on the success of the students and faculty across the entire Division of Health Sciences. Our librarians, resources, and services are enhanced by the Friends, whose support ensures that we provide an excellent experience to everyone we serve.”

–Beth Ketterman, director, Laupus Library

The Friends of Laupus Library are the library’s best advocates and representatives throughout the community. The Friends serve as the library’s alumni through their support of library:

  • Collections
  • Programs
  • Special Events
  • Activities
  • Exhibits
Dr. John Papalas
“As a Brody School of Medicine alumnus, I know how instrumental Laupus Library was to my success as well as the class of 2006. By being involved with the Friends, my support helps Laupus to continue to serve a growing health science division.”

–Dr. John Papalas, chair of Friends of Laupus Library

Laupus Library supports our growing Division of Health Sciences’ faculty, staff, and students. Some of the best of what Laupus offers includes:

  • History Collections Exhibits
  • Systematic Review Services
  • Access to Technology
  • Pet Therapy and Exam Breaks
  • Art as Avocation series
  • Medical History Interest Group Lecture series
  • Promoting Scholarship
  • Listening to our Patrons

History Collections exhibits

Laupus showcases the rich history of the Health Sciences Division’s researchers through their research papers and other archival materials.

The library also hosts traveling exhibits from the National Library of Medicine covering the history of medicine and healthcare.

Systematic Review Service

Many of our liaison librarians are trained in providing the highest quality in research support to faculty in all our colleges and schools.

Access to technology

We make sure our students have access to the current technologies that will ensure their success, be it top of the line computers, 3D anatomy imaging programs, a state-of-the-art Ideum touch screen table, and flip cameras and projectors for loan.

Pet Therapy and Exam Breaks.

Laupus schedules therapy animals and provides coffee, pizza, and other snacks to help keep spirits and concentration levels high.

“All these programs show the library cares about the students and wants to make this time as manageable as possible for us. That makes me feel like they are on my team and I really appreciate their support.”

– Hayden Mulligan, senior, physician assistant studies

Art as Avocation series

A gallery exhibit showcasing the artistic talents of employees throughout the health sciences is displayed twice annually.

Medical History Interest Group lecture series.

We produce four lectures each semester focusing on the history of the health sciences, primarily presented by health sciences faculty.

Promoting scholarship.

We host special events and activities that culturally enrich participants and highlight the achievements and success of the Division of Health Sciences; including the annual Health Sciences Author Recognition Awards ceremony.

Last year Laupus recognized 114 authors from the Brody School of Medicine, College of Allied Health Sciences, College of Nursing, Laupus Library and the School of Dental Medicine. Together, these researchers submitted 373 qualified peer reviewed publications including 250 journal articles, 78 creative works, 36 book chapters and 9 books.

We listen to our patrons.


User feedback is especially important to Laupus. Based on the responses we receive special purchases have been made to better serve our customers. These purchases include:

  • specialty lighting for study carrels
  • new anatomical models
  • Brody WorkLounge study units
  • customized study tables and seating
  • outdoor furniture on the terrace balcony
“Laupus library is an amazing space where I can study, eat, and meet with my cohort members, all while being able to enjoy the amazing views from the library. Not many libraries let you do all of that!”

–Lauren Selingo, senior master's of Occupational Therapy

Libraries are often referred to as the heart of a university, and we believe that to be true for Laupus. By joining the Friends of Laupus Library, your contribution will ensure that we remain that way.

“Laupus Library plays such an important role in providing essential resources for the students from all of the colleges and schools on the health sciences campus. Your philanthropic gifts will ensure continued excellence, both now and in the future.”

–Mark Notestine, president Medical and Health Science Foundation

Please join the Friends of Laupus Library today to make your donation count. Membership is now offered online and joining has never been easier.

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