Mercury and its features! If you read all the slides, you might learn something!

Similar to the moon, mercury has a thin atmosphere, called an exosphere. And is covered in craters, like the moon
At the day time on Mercury, the tempature is around 801F, however at night temperatures drop to negative 279F.
Mercury races around the sun every 88 days traveling at 31 MPH going faster then any other planet.
Almost every part of mercury has been looked at revealing a surface that has been shaped both extensive volcanism and impacts.
There was once a time where Mercury was hit with an Asteroid about the size of Texas!
Mercury is thought to have water and ice in its surface.
Mercury may look like earths moon but a way to tell them apart is one of them is bigger. Also, Mercury is the smallest planet, so it's a little bigger then the moon because the moon isn't a planet and it's not very big compared to the planets.
Mercury is closest planet to the sun. Strangely it isn't the hottest planet because it's small atmosphere can't retain the heat so it bounces on Mercury.
Mercury turns really slow so it takes around 59 days to complete a day and a night.
The first photos of mercury were taken by a USA space agency in 1975 and the satellite was very close.
Mercury has Very large pits.
Mercury is about 55MILLION miles from the Earth.

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